By @mumble_bee


By @mumble_bee

Here is something i have started to share the little pieces of enlightenment that we come upon during our day, the little things we realize but don't act upon.. here is a bee mumbling into your ear to wake you up!

Chapter 1


Hello world!

I’m mumble bee. I mumble about things, because I can’t afford to be too loud. People get offended. So, I just mumble about the things that affect me and the people around me.

Like PUBG for instance, it’s my first video game, I absolutely love it, but now the thing is ,every time I play with my bf he gets around 17 kills and get 2. Like 2! Is that even fair?

And so my first post is going to be about this, how we love something and then realize we are bad at it. We stand at a crossroad, should we quit because we are no good at it and everyone is way ahead of us, or continue because we love it.

I chose to continue, and for the first time in my life I understood what it is like to try to do something that you love and not be good at it.

This happens more often in our life than we realize, we are all studying in school or college without realizing that some of us aren’t even made for academics, there are some of us trying to get good at sports and paying our coaches and clubs, but what if it isn’t meant for us ?

But the only difference here is that we love PUBG, and continue to try with our whole heart, but in our day to day lives, when we come across these situations where we need to put in effort and improve, we give a halfhearted attempt at the most.

So I’m mumbling about this: don’t lose yourself in the race of your life just in order to finish the race , instead whatever it is that life is throwing at you , let’s just dive into it and **** the **** out of it. Because until you put in your 100 percent, you will never be satisfied in your win, or even when you fail. You will be nagged by the feeling of “I could have done better” . So do the better thing in the first try it self!

Lots of buzz

Mumble Bee <3

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