Hair, Hair, Everywhere!!

By @WH_Writing

Hair, Hair, Everywhere!!

By @WH_Writing

A silly poem about spring time and my long-haired cat shedding her hair and leaving it at various places around the house.

Chapter 1

Hair on the seat of my wheelchair,

Hair on the kitchen chairs,

Hair on my blankets,

Hair on my clothes,

Hair on the side table,

Hair on my toes,

Hair on my bookbag,

Hair on the floor,

Agh! It’s that time of year when hair, hair, is just everywhere!

What am I going to do about all this hair?!

I can tell you what I’m NOT going to do,

I’m NOT going to get rid of the cat,

I love her and she loves me.

It would be cruel to get rid of the cat for a reason like that,

So I will continue to groom her and love her despite her long hair.

(And yes, clean up her hair whenever she sheds it).

The End

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  1. pastatownlasanga

    I love cats!

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