Guy's Bad Hair Day

By @n_the_ninja
Guy's Bad Hair Day

This is a hilarious fanfic based on the show "Naruto". In the story, Guy Sensei decides to release a hair and eyebrow product to make everyone's hair and eyebrows as luxurious as his is. Spoiler Alert: it's a bad idea.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Introducing the one, the only, Fantastic Guy Style Hair and Eyebrow Product,” Guy Sensei said with a sparkling smile, “it has all the tools that will make your hair and eyebrows shiny and glorious so that they will look exactly like mine!” The picture on the hair kit that Guy was holding depicted Guy in all his intense glory—a dramatic man with a shiny green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers, high cheekbones, and most of all, extremely intense black eyebrows framed by an even extremer black shiny bowl cut. It was hard to believe anyone would want to buy that product and risk looking anything like him.

“Wow, Guy Sensei, that was awesome! I’ve concluded that by using your youthful powers, you will amaze the lucky crowd with your intense and fabulous commercial!” Guy Sensei’s faithful student, Rock Lee, screamed out of excitement. Surprisingly, he looked almost exactly like the notoriously intense Guy Sensei. With a matching green jumpsuit, a matching black bowl cut, and identical intense eyebrows, Rock Lee strived to look and act exactly like his idol sensei, Guy.

Unfortunately, Guy’s other students—Neji and Tenten—did not think on the same lines. With an unenthusiastic grunt, Neji sat down in the back corner of the commercial studio and pretended he didn’t see the extremely embarrassing commercial. How did I get dragged into this, he thought for the tenth time. It was obvious that Neji was rather annoyed that he bothered to show up, but none of the other squad members were surprised; this was how he usually acted. 

On the contrary, Tenten was cheering Guy on with Lee. “Go Guy Sensei! You’re gonna blow this crowd away even faster than the Leaf Hurricane!” But on the inside, she thought I hope that Guy doesn’t embarrass himself too much with this commercial. Even more, I hope that no one will use this product. One Guy is way too much for me to handle already! Tenten shivered, imagining a world filled with Guy Senseis. Eek.

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