Guitar Strings

By @SinderHella

Guitar Strings

By @SinderHella

hopeless romantics in a world where they fear their love for one another.

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Chapter 1

One Off.

There was something beautiful and unexpected about this girl who worked every day in the same old shop, in the same old town, in a city she knew like the back of her hand. It’s not every day you find something that’s powerful, thirsty, and desperate to the point where you literally drop everything you’re doing because the thought of not having it breaks your heart and soul into a thousand tiny little pieces.

She dressed just like normal. Buttoning the black shirt one at a time up the pale yet effortless curves of her body and leaving just the final few undone at her breasts as to let the tattooed skin breathe in that fresh crisp October air. Pulling her long black locks from the back of the shirt collar and letting it tumble down her back with a soft sigh. With today perfect as it seemed to begin and the season suiting her comfortably, she couldn’t think of anything else worse than working on a day like today, a day where she wished for nothing more than curling up in bed with a warm steamy cuppa and Netflix while the world passed by and the autumn sun glanced in her window as it set. Perfection. 

“Alice.” Her coworker grinned as she entered the shop, bustling with new, old, and friendly faces. Walking in from the sweet chill the warmth heated up the tip of her red nose and fingertips and she smiled nervously back in return, walking toward Cathy, slipping her scarf from around her neck. 

“Morning, Cathy,” she breathed gently hanging her things up as she switched them for her apron. “Not bad for a Thursday morning, hmm?” Cathy nodded to the female before glancing back at the till. 

“Could you collect empties, please?” she asked. With a small nod, Alice picked up a tray, doing as she was asked. 

The shop was always kept busy at a reasonable pace with time here and there for a chat whilst you cleaned counters and served the next customer. Alice glanced at the clock. “Almost time for lunch,” she thought to herself as the door opened and another customer entered. However he wasn’t just any ordinary customer. She could feel the instant lump in her throat, like it tightened with a hard grip, a grip she knew well. Her skin tingles on every inch of her body witnessing him walking toward her, a face she was beyond familiar with and yet at the same time she knew nothing about. His eyes caught her gaze and his lips curled into the most perfect cheeky smile. Alice could feel her cheeks burn red and blushing. Her weakness. Him. The dark red rose on the back of his hand came into sight as he placed it on the counter. Her heart raced so fast in her chest she almost felt winded. 

“Hi.” His voice was low, rough almost smoker’s-like and yet she had never seen him touch a cigarette in the time they had known each other. 

“Long time,” she replied. “What can I get you?” She was trying to keep her tone calm so as to not let him know what he did to her. Their time together was always fleeting, always by chance, and most definitely wonderful. 

“For a start…” 

Her cold blue eyes met his staring back at her. Her teeth grazed over her bottom lip trying to stop the herself from smiling. His hard English accent would always ring in her ears even days and weeks after he would be in town. Like a memory she couldn’t ever forget. 

“For a start I’d like to know when you get off,” he asked his smile changing to a smirk as he kept his eyes on hers and his hand slowly reaching for her over the counter. “Then I’d like a black coffee…”

Time’s up, the clock ticked over to six. She had watched it all day since he appeared. The longest shift of her life or so it seemed, and like that she rushed, picking up her coat, scarf, and bag like she couldn’t move fast enough, almost falling out of the shop into the afternoon air, seeing him across the street watching her. “Just on time,” she thought to herself and again a smile played on the corner of her mouth desperate to take over. Glancing at the road she rushed to him, arms very quickly snaking around her waist pulling her into warmth. 

“I really hoped today would be the day,” he whispered against her ruby red lips before he kissed her, their lips colliding, tongues dancing together effortlessly as though they had never been apart. 

His body pressed against hers as he lowered her down onto the crisp white sheets of her bed. Her eyes, somehow darker, glanced at him smiling. Running her fingers through the messy blonde hair he had pulled back out of their faces before tickling her fingers down over the back of his neck and resting his cheek against the palm of her hand. Gently he pushed his hips into her, knowing full well the groan he could achieve from her, “Alex.” Moving his hands to steady himself over her, the roughness of his finger tips from years of guitar playing brushed over her hips, causing a small shudder. She again groaned and Alex pulled hard on either side of her shirt, not caring for the buttons popping under the pressure as the need for her body and his to collide was too much. 

Naked, he pulled her to the edge of the bed to kneel between her knees. The familiar tattoos she had seen many times before still fascinated her as he controlled her movements. Pushing her legs apart, his lips pressed sweetly on her skin as he teased the soft flesh before his breath over her sweet spot caused a shiver down her spine. This in turn caused another smirk from him. He knew how to work her, how to cause nothing but pleasure, leaving her dripping for more. In these moments, she was his and he was hers. Using his tongue, he licked over her **** hungrily whilst using his fingers to slip into her, but barely, as he wanted to take his time. Reminding her it was worth the wait. His skills from guitar playing always came in handy, especially now. 

Alice let her legs shake her body tight and her back arched from the bed as another ****** simply from his tongue raged over her body. His deep growl of a laugh was heard under the moans. Reaching for him, she kissed him fiercely, hungry for him more so than she had ever been. Alex wrapped her legs around his waist as they kissed, allowing his length to slip into her slowly. Their energy was something they thrived off, never wanting their experience to end. Slowly he grinded his hips in and out pushing deeper each time, letting her adjust to him, her wetness making it easy. 

As the sun creeped in the window, blinding her and waking her at the same time, Alice held her eyes closed and turned into the warm comfort of his chest. Something she didn’t much expect. 

“Morning,” he half whispered and she groaned quietly. 

“I thought you’d have left,” was her reply and that wasn’t because she wanted him gone but more worried she’d now have to be awake to say goodbye. “You know I hate saying goodbye to you,” she said, moving her face from his chest to look at him. 

“I know,” he replied brushing the jet black hair from her cheek. “But I don’t want to go,” was his reply. 

It was always the same thing, time after fleeting time. For years they have been in this dramatic lust for one another and been subjected to one night every few months whenever his band toured and they were close by. It was nothing more than sex, or at least that’s how they had always described it. The both knew deep down that each time it grew more, now a desire and a hunger that only they could satisfy in each other. Yet they could never be honest with each other and they both knew sooner rather than later they’d part ways again, only having perchance meetings because exchanging contact details made it real and that was something neither of them could admit to. 

She went to bed alone that night, with nothing to keep her warm but the memories and the idea of their next meeting who knows when.

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