Guardian Angel

By @sweetstrawbunnies
Guardian Angel

This is a Pharmercy fanfiction! It does contain slight nsfw so if you don't like that please don't read that, besides that it will mainly be fluff and angst!

Inspired by: Overwatch

Chapter 1

When We Met

It was a sunny afternoon, clouds filling up the sky as the sun shines through them, the pastel blue sky lit up. Even though it was fairly hot outside, inside the Overwatch building it was fairly cold due to air conditioning, that was good for the new recruits because they don’t know of the struggles before there was air conditioning. Angela Ziegler, Mercy, was walking through the building wearing her usual lab coat, black turtleneck, and lightly toned jeans. The female was humming a happy song to herself as her high heels click at the hard floor underneath her, she was going to be quite early to this meeting but it’s alright, she’s always early anyways. It actually took her some time to get over to the room of where the meeting was held but at least she made it, she hesitantly placed her hand on the door handle before twisting it and opening the door, she was surprised to find herself frozen. Her eyes were locked with a female’s dark brown eyes from across the room, it almost felt like she possibly could never look away, a light blush creeping up on her cheeks.

“Miss Ziegler?” Someone asked, trying to get her attention but it was barely any use, she felt like all time was frozen and a sweet feeling just rushed over her. Good thing that sweet feeling actually snapped her out of it, she quickly looked over to see Jack, Jack Morrison, he looked so concerned. What would’ve possibly made him look so worried?

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