Green against a red canvas

By @marihhay

Green against a red canvas

By @marihhay

Callie Jonathan and Lacie are from an unknown planet and are on an expedition to explore space but run into some trouble putting them in a difficult position.

Chapter 1

Just the beginning

My eyelids fluttered and the dark was illuminated with bright, fluorescent lights pounding me, making my forehead break into a slight sweat. I sucked in for breath but only a cold shallowness touched my lips. I gasped bolting up blinking aware now, a little to aware for my liking. Lacie perched on a chair hovering over the main control panel, as Jonathan pulled his lips into a thin smile.

“Callie. Finally.” I looked at my, literal, clear coffin. 10 years and I was finally awake.

“It’s nice to hear your annoying voice again.” I mumbled rubbing my eyes clearing my throat. Jonathan chuckled.

“I woke up 2 days ago. Lucky us, something happened.” Lacie explained as she stood up and strided over to me.

“Hm. Everything looks shaken up. Let me guess-” I couldn’t finish as the lights above showered red and Lacie face glistened as she ran to stop it. She shut off the monitors, clicking the keys rhythmically.

“Lacie-” I started but she pressed her finger to her lips.

“There was a meteor shower and we crashed on Mars.” She quickly stated, sliding her fingertips across the control panel. I gulped as I swung my legs over my cooler.

“And,” Jonathan sat down in the spinning char and spun dramatically. “Our gas tank is leaking!” His smile faded as the alarms continued.

“Un-fixable. The tanks already drained when we tried to stop them, and the backups are jammed so we can’t leave. There’s also damage to the ship.” He groaned as he typed into the mother keyboard. The lighting returned to normal so I stood and wisped my hair and got ready for some action.

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