Graft Test

By @Jacquelineperrow

Graft Test

By @Jacquelineperrow

Graft Test is about kids who go to the same school, but they all have a secret. Will they be able to save themselves? Find out in the next part of the book!

Chapter 2

Liza Mendosa

Broken would be the word I would use to describe myself. To all of my friends I am the classic school artist. I always draw, and not just doodles, real art. I really like to draw realistic people. My friends don’t know why but I do, and that’s fine with me because no one wants their friends to know that the reason they draw is so they have someone to talk too. I wish I could get out of this school. Unlike the other kids I came to this school when I was older. I remember my family and friends. I draw my old friends. I wish that I could find a way to flunk out or something.

My room is filled with my art. The school likes it on my walls to show the parents that we are creative, and not only all about school. One of my best friends at this school is Gabbie Hanna. She is a lot like my friend Sammie Andrews from my old school. They both were smart but did not brag. The both helped me with the school part of the projects and I helped with the art. I guess you could say that I was a bad student. But I am really not; I am actually really smart. I know that it is confusing. If I am truly smart then why would I fake being dumb? The truth is that I don’t want to be separated from my friends because of my grades.

You may still be asking yourself if you are truly smart and creative then how are you “broken” and the answer is I am lying to everyone, My mom and dad both were horrible people.  I raised my siblings all by myself, I have seen things I wish I hadn’t and said things that I can’t take back, and most of the time I wish that I could just go to sleep until college so I don’t have to deal with this school.

My parents were both put in jail when I was 6. My older brother Roncin took care of us until he went to college, then it was my turn to be the leader of the family. I taught my siblings and acted like a teacher to them. I guess that’s why I am so advanced. My brother would teach me what he was doing in high school when I was in the 5th grade. And when my parents were living with us they would teach us how to CODE computers and how to act and trick people. So I guess you could say that from a young child I was a liar and was just waiting to live the same life as my parents.

When the government found out how I was leading my family they put me here and I don’t even know what they did with my siblings. I wish someone would just tell me if they went to a orphanage or a school like this. My little brother Samuel was in 3rd grade when they found us and he could go on to Middle school and do fine. And Fiona was not In school but could definitely go to at least 2nd if not 3rd grade.

When I was put here I was given a new name, but my real name was Helen Parker. They changed my name because my parents were Bonnie And John Parker, the most famous robbers in the 20th Century. In school we had to do a project on the biggest scandals of the government and my parents were what one kid chose to do his project on. I don’t blame him, my parents were the secretary and right hand man to the president, and then they got busted for stealing billions of dollars and secrets from the White House.

But that’s enough of my sob story. I know that I should be more worried about Gabbie but I am sick of her lying to me. I know that she was spending the day with her true best friend, Drew. She wasn’t sick and she isn’t sick or hurt right now. Her body is simply just trying to reject the new meds that the school is forcing on us. The school is basically trying to roofie us and I am the only one smart enough to see it. Like I mentioned, I am extremely smart and I can’t believe the school actually thought that the kid with parents in jail couldn’t smell out drugs. It is nothing hardcore but it is for sure a mix of a lot of things. Luckily my older brother taught me how to remove microchips. I think that is one of the main reasons why Gabbie is sick and the school is worrying so much because their diabolical master plan isn’t working.

I don’t know what I am going to do with all of this information. I was thinking about blackmailing the school. But then I think of when Roncin did that and got a school suspension. I might be able to make a trade though, info for info. They would get all the stuff I know and in return they would let me talk to my siblings. Inside I feel like 1000 jittery wasps are poking me because I know that I should be more worried about my friends.

Anyways, back to Gabbie; she sometimes can be the most selfish person I have ever met, but other times she is truly an amazing human being. This is such a hard thing to be going through and I know that if I had never had bad parents and never been taught to smell out drugs and such, I would be so scared.

I know in my head that I need to help, but I also know that if I do I will have no weight to force the school in to helping me reconnect with my family. But I ran up and gave her the biggest hug I have even given her and said, “say you need to go to the bathroom.” She nodded and did just that.

I told her what I knew and that if she wanted to keep our friendship she would tell NO one. She needed to be quiet because this was the only way for me to see my family. I might be able to say that I will tell other students unless Gabbie and I could reunite with our parents.

P.S. I am an Esprit-Cangeur. In english that translates to Mind Changer. I know it’s weird, but basically it means that I can use Mind Compulsion to make people remember what I want them to remember, I can take away or substitute memories, and my favorite I make people tell me what I want to know. My Parents used the power in a bad way and I hope to use it in a good way. You may be wondering if my parents could do this how could they get caught, and answer is GALANGAL. This is toxic to Any and all Mind Changers, it basically is a ginger plant but it is orange inside. It was created in france by witches in 1416. When a human eats it puts a protection spell around them. Unlike vampires we are not scared of the sun. The only real weakness we have is that we abuse our power, now that may seem like an real weakness but for us it is. Like a computer, sometimes we go to fast for our hard drive, or brain, and we need to shutdown and reboot. We basically sleep for about 2 or 3 days straight. When I lived in the real world this would be ok, but now that I am in this prison I can’t just not go to school.

Gabbie and I walk back into Nurse Jackie’s office and I said “Gabbie and I are going to my dorm”.

She looked at me and with a mean voice” No your not, we still have to do tests and if you want to save your friend you won’t take her”

I smirked and looked her straight in her eyes and said it again, but this time I used my Esprit-changeur charm.

“Your so right she needs to be with her friends right now.”

I looked back at Gabbie, she nodded and we left. On the way to my dorm I texted the boys to meet us in my dorm after 4th period and we could eat lunch and talk about what happened.

Gabbie would no be quiet the whole 20 min walk back to my place. I finally told her that if she wanted to get us both in trouble to keep talking. That made her pipe down, and at the perfect timing too because 3 teachers walked by and in very stern voices said ” What are you to doing out of class? ”

I did my smirk and suddenly they just walked away. I can almost hear Roncin saying to be careful, I wish I could just talk to him but I can’t think about right now.

When we finally got to my place I unlocked the door and went straight to my laptop, I knew I needed to write everything down. If I learned anything from my parents is ALWAYS write everything down, if you don’t you will probably get your story wrong and get caught. The last thing I needed right now was to get caught.

When I didn’t hear Gabbie I knew that something was wrong, because that girl ALWAYS talked. I sometimes think her parents where Smurf’s and named her after her personality. I know that may sound rude but it isn’t. I looked up and saw her shaking.

“What’s wrong Gabbie” I asked reluctantly, because I really just wanted to get back to my work.

“Oh it’s nothing, I just found out that my best friend is a witch!”

“ I am NOT a witch, I am a Esprit-changeur” I yelled with disquest.

“ What does that mean? Can we talk in English please?”

“ In French the word Mind-Changer means Esprit-Changer, I can basically take away, add, and make people tell me their memories. Before you ask no, I have never done this to you nor have I done it to any student here.” I tried to not sound condescending.

“Why have you never told me before now” Gabbie responded impatiently.

“Because…” I was about to tell her, but we were interrupted when Cody and Drew walked in.

“What happened? Why did you just leave? How did you convince the Nurse?” Drew seemed so worried.I mean could he be any more obvious, he totally likes her…but I don’t have time to deal with their soap operas right now. Cody on the other hand wasn’t as worried, because I had already told him everything.

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