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Grab Your Keys

By @robinson1979

Chapter 6

KC son uses the work phone plays with the top of my head he is in correspondence with the neighborhood who allegedly put me down on severely occasions during the night and day and sent me to the hospital. i ended up in the ER with stitches slices over my body other things. I did nt wake up for several hours each time. I dont want to experience this again. 

Correspondence says drop the job so he dropped the job

a group called make a living for a power movement of flow in inertia and energy with rhythm and power and force instead of income like you would normally do so what you need to do is cover me some while i go out and do this so i can make a living doing this for myself so i can make a living doing this for myself and then you can too its for couples not just for myself.

Virgins realize with first then after none other just for realize of thought and other communication process.


I just wanted to drop the job i knew what was coming i knew there was a bigger job headed our way DG

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