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Grab Your Keys

By @robinson1979

Chapter 4

He pushes me around so much to hurt her. yes he does to make her die and i did for he gets the house. He is very concerned with Brenda and overall well Being he likes her but he wants the house as well as the moms house and he has her in hiding so she wont say anything to Brenda about hanging JG because was involved, his dad and him Hak

i will speak, AC

no don’t you get yourself in trouble HAk

so he hung 2019 JG at

Put some money in both him and his daughter that is all he did with his money up there and they watched as it went down as Brenda speed around down here. she was wondering around here while it was happening and they put money down and pushed the button to push the body back and forth on it. AC

i didn’t ask DG him to do anything til later because he wasn’t involved then, just until he met Brenda later in July 2020 or something like that he started to like her then i convinced him to kill her so he did he tried to kill her again and again for me. AC

My dad is evil he is bad he wants the whole world corrupt he wants the whole world corrupt and evil he just wants everything to go to hell and Brenda dead so he asks everyone he mets to kill Brenda all over the place and offers them bunches of money to kill her and have her dead all the time all over the place. AC

That is how i met him at a bar he offered me a whole bunch of money to have me an DC kill Brenda and his wife PS right off the bat so he could live a happy life all on his own with lots of money. No that is my dad that i just a story. I have a real dad that is just a story that you hear. My dad is him. AC

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