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Grab Your Keys

By @robinson1979

Chapter 3

He agreed to a lot of things that he should not in order to stop and re organize the job to what i did not want it to be and dropped it so he could leave because he didn’t want to finish. he just dropped the work. he did not want to finish the work because he had obligated himself to his correspondence

only if it comes up like when he states who (Same correspondence OC)

He dropped the wired then picked it up when the time was right so he could do it to get around the other ones that were doing bad things but i will say to be paid when the check comes but a worker is supposed to just get it done to completion and not leave me high and dry for several months empty handed libing in my car no toilet no sink.

no stove everything in storage

what did you expect her to do? JRG

didn’t finish

finish work by someone else DG

you did none of this JRD

i did after the first of the year put in a tub and that’s it so she could bathe and that is it. DG

I want you to think of another job to compare this to and what you did to resolve it

I never had this problem and i never resolved problems like this i just left them i never would just do something about it i just left the job and took the money. Yes i took the money from other jobs. Like this DG

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