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Grab Your Keys

By @robinson1979

Chapter 1

Grab your keys. grab yours keys. I am going to the mall right now. I am going to the mall right know to help you discover what when on. I will help you discover what ent oon for old times sake and for 1 she is not a real individual in this story she does not know what actually happened she wa not there.

the judge knows and she is making stuff up because she is hearing stuff.

Harassing her all the time.

Poking at her skin

her ears

yes it does

making her run

Even if not true they create a reaction from everyone

He had me go out and do some things no not chop heads off. get acquainted with others like this who do this stuff hurt people and i did. I fell upon others who did that so she did not get hurt i could do others then i could do more instead of her. She got hurt until i did it for him. That is what i did for him. DG

I met up with WR

He is someone i already knew so i met with him and we talked about it and DG

The way you do it is just do what he says WR

just do what he says because if you don’t your a gonner he will kill you he killed a person i knew he killed a lot people he doesn’t care WR

Yes he killed a lot of people sojust do it DG WR

ok DG

Beat the little girl up for me why don’t you, beat the little girl up. I want her dead. I dont want her to live anymore. I want her gone. I want her gone so beat her up for me. I want her to leave the family. I want her to leave the family so beat her up. I want her dead. I want her dead. I want her gone and dead. Please beat her up for me. TS

I will beat her up if you pay me sir DG

ok i will pay you $1000 to kill her and beat her TS

that is not enough DG

I need to pay you more TS

Yes you need to pay me way more you need to pay me a couple grand for this kind of procedure for doing this. If im going to beat her and put her out of her misurey then i need to get paid for it real good DG

ok i will put some money together and you will get paid TS


TS, I am going down this hall just for you so you can see where i am going to do this. I am going down this hall to do this one. I am going down this hall right here and that is the room right there that will happen. Do you see? DG

Yes TS



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