Gone Too Soon

By @Shy

Gone Too Soon

By @Shy

Losing someone who is important to you in your life is hard. Coping with that pain is even harder.

Chapter 1

Waking up to silence,

feeling a sense of absence.

Something felt different,

I suddenly realized I lost a grandparent.

You were like the dad I never had,

You were always there and hardly ever got mad.

I miss you to this day,

there are even some days where I’m not okay.

When the cancer came,

I felt like this was some sick game.

I can’t control the past,

but you were gone too fast.

All I could do was standby,

I never got to say goodbye.

I didn’t want to lose you,

but you were slowly leaving me too.

I never held your hand,

I just didn’t understand,

I couldn’t give you a hug or look you in the eye,

I was afraid I’d hurt you or you’d die.

I regret my decision,

now tears cloud my vision.

Things are changing,

my life is rearranging.

Why did you have to go,

you’ll never get to see your grandkids grow.

The day that you died,

all day long I cried.

I knew that you were gone,

but I didn’t want to move on.

Our silent cries,

tears pouring out our eyes.

The pain is now gone,

At least you’re not the cancer’s pawn.

When I got to your funeral,

it was just so beautiful.

The moment I saw you lying there,

it was like I couldn’t take in any air.

The moment you were put into the wall,

I couldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t handle it at all.

It’s been a while,

since I saw you smile.

You were so kind,

you never left anyone behind.

I wish you didn’t leave,

then we wouldn’t have to grieve.

You were taken away,

I just wish you were able to stay. 

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  1. L-A_Vengco

    This was absolutely beautiful and touching. Coming from a similar place, I understand how you feel. You put the pain of losing a loved one into such a beautiful poem, and I couldn’t help but swallow back a tear. Keep up with the good work, and don’t forget to keep writing.

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    Reply 0 Replies Apr 4, 2018

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