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god cheackmate

By @godscheackmate

day of change

A boy wakes up and looks around the room. pills bottle everywhere dishware, trash, and desk with a computer. Then he sits up and says “Ugg…another wonderful morning”. Then he stands up almost slips because of a pizza box but he catches himself. He looks at his room sigh and says, “what the hell I need to clean this room”. Then he got up the walk to his room took a deep berth then open the door. “Hey bro how it is going?” Justin smiles and said, “good how is life?”. They both go downstairs to the kitchen and then see his sister and she said, “how is going, Justin?” Justin says “good,” he says in a tired tone. she smiles and says, “I am about to leave to go to work,” Justin says, “so bro make sure you catch the bus”. Then he goes up to his room into the bathroom and takes a shower. Then get a nice cold shower and get for high school. Justin barely miss the bus again he sits in the front of the bus and get out his old mp3 player and listen to some old music.

He gets to class and sees an old teacher, Mr. Burdick a man with dark brown hair, some old glass wearing an old green work shirt and dark brown pants. He always has a smile on his face and his positive attitude. Then says to me “how was your summer break” I say “good it was just fun …” Mr. Burdick then says “are you still asleep? I can get you coffee” I say “no I am just fine. Are you still teaching history?” “yea,” he said I feel that he bit nervous. I look at him and say “are YOU okay Burdick?”. then he looks down then back up and said “you ne-need to get your class” smile and leaves Justin. “hey wait” but he is already gone. “Ugg. That guy means well but if he does stuff like this and it makes people worried.” Justin thought and heads to class it was boring it “hi, welcome to my class. this my subject and this is my plan for the year” it was annoying to Justin he barely keeps the attention of what was going on the day was almost up and the bell rang. Then everyone left and went home just came to his sister to tell him to clean his room. Justin says “okay sis I go and do.” She says, “you better Justin!” “I will,” Justin said but he knows he won’t do it unless jess forces him. He grab his head, having a bad headache then said “give a sec” Jessica “are you okay Justin” “I am okay just my head hurts” Justin says “oh umm have you see-“Jessica said “NO!… oh umm sorry, it just you know, I don’t like to talk about it…” “Justin it will help you get better” Jessica “I freeze up if I talk about it” “okay, okay, just take some aspirin for your headache you dummy” said Jessica “HEY I am home guys!’ brother “oh, Luke you’re home “Jessica “yup” Luke said “shoot! I am late back by 6. bye!” Jessica says “bye,” Luke and Justin said Justin goes up to his room and spends around 20 mins try to clean his room it looks okay. then he just gets on the computer play some betaking. After playing for 3 hours he hears “hey, I am home” “dinner is ready” Jessica said. Justin thought “oh crap I could of help her cooking dinner dam, it 7:50 well I can clean the dish at least but I need to clean by myself first” Justin goes into the bathroom look in the mirror and his mess yellow hair, his okay looking shirt, and some old looking dark blue pants, youthful face and height of a middle schooler. Justin goes down the stair to his kitchen to his sister making some pork chops “hey thank for cooking I clean up so you can go to sleep early” Justin said. Jessica smiled and said “thanks” then Luke walk down the stairs and said, “oh you’re down here Justin?” “yep,” Justin said. After dinner, Justin said, “hey am goanna star to clean the dish okay?” Jessica and Luke “yep” “okay” Jessica and Luke went back upstairs. Justin spends around 10 mins cleaning dishes and putting up the leftover food then went upstairs to go to sleep. Later that night Justin heard “BANG” of the front door being close Justin get up and said “what the hell?” get up and walk slow downstairs and see a person? No, it like a person with a bird head it looking out the kitchen window and it looks away Justin goes to the closet and gets a 9mm pistol and a magazine load and goes back to the figure. It still looking out the window Justin said “DON’T MOVE WHATEVER YOU ARE? I SHOOT YOU”. The monster turns around and sees Justin, beak open and says “just-” in a female voice. Justin shoots the thing. Justin “WHAT?” he looks at the monster, it is Jessica. “no no no” Justin said then “THOUD” “THOUD” THOUD” door flies open a man yelled ‘UPSTAIRS” Five armed med run upstairs then a woman wearing red cloak and holding a red and black curved dagger walk in she looks around and smiles when she sees Justin who was hiding . A man where a white cloak is following here with sharp dark blue eyes and then a man wearing a dark purple suit he is unhappy. Justin tries to put the gun to defend but the woman move like a monster moves form the door to Justin in a blink of eye grab the gun and pulls it from the hand throws across the room grab Justin pushed Justin to the floor and said “BYE” the woman in red said. The man white said “hold it marry” “he not the one we want ” “she look like she was shooed but is still alive get rid of her” said the white man to marry “okay” slam Justin head to the ground the man in white point at Jessica. “Mary get up and get ready to stab Jessica. Justin grab her foot Mary look at Justin and kick him with her other foot and said: “get OFF ME!” Mary said, “NO,” Justin said she about to stab Justin then the man white said “you kill her first then him” Mary “okay okay okay geez” punching Justin in the stomach he let go. Justin “you ********, don’t harm my sister!” the man in white, shocked “what?! Did you say” “stay away from my sister you *******” Justin said the man in white smile “no-kill him first then her second” Justin is now terrified that he is going to die “**** it I meant to open my mouth now both of us are going to die” “why me why me what did do.” ” God please save me ?!?!?”

End of chapter 1 

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