Get to know my OC's

By @MissPigeonMaster

Get to know my OC's

By @MissPigeonMaster

my oc's and me!

Chapter 1


ok. Missy. NOT EVOLVED. Just Missy. Not really a character.


Favorite songs/artists:

-alan walker



i normally switch around my songs so they are mostly random. I have a playlist I’ll put in the comments later.

favorite color: Turquoise or aqua. I wear a lot of purple too.

Favorite food: Croquettes (i visited spain)

Favorite drink: water

hobbies: drawing, writing, singing, songwriting

Um i draw manga style.

I have self-published a book.

I haven’t been on Underlined very long.

I like a lot of Gacha, Miraculous Ladybug (FIGHT ME! I know I’m way too old), and The Odd Man Out, Songland, The Voice, OTHER RANDOM YOUTUBE STUFF.

I write dark, romance, fantasy, realistic fiction, practically anything.

Love fairytale twist books, Drum Roll Please, practically anything.

Any questions?

also i love to script write

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