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Genie’s Rules

By @Nanashi

Chapter 7

A/N: so I might put another note at the end of this chapter, but I just wanna say first off that if any one is actually bothering to read this still that I’m sorry I haven’t been on for the last 58,942 years. Also on another note in reading through my last chapters to remember what happened and realizing how terribly cringy my writing is. So kudos to whoever decides it’s worth reading!!!! Also, I’m from the US so if anything I write about the island Lucine’s from (which isn’t real but still I want it to be more European and therefore the laws will try to be more like some places from Europe) is inaccurate please tell me!!! I like feedback on my stories, plot, and accuracy. Also, if you happen to know anything about the layout of different places in my story, please tell me if what I’m writing is inaccurate on that, too. I’ve been to some of the places that I’ll write about but not others, and I don’t feel like researching maps, at least not right now…


After the plane trip- which would have been marvelous without Rhian- they landed in an airport in Detroit, Michigan. Rhian called an Uber and Lucine got them a hotel room after Rhian wished for one.

“So much for the three wishes thing,” She muttered, unsure of how to phrase her question better without a question mark.

“That’s just a myth. I get as many wishes as I want,” Rhian said bluntly, without anymore explanation.

That… Was stupid. And cruel. Was she ever going to get leave from this controlling boy? Would she ever have a normal life again?

Lucine let out a huff, staring out the window at the cars and buildings passing them by. They arrived at a fancy hotel, and promptly entered with the brightly colored suitcase. The hotel was impressive and fancy, including Rhian and Lucine’s room. Or rooms would be more accurate. They initially walked into a living area and dining room, that were comfortably spaced apart. Next to that was a small kitchen area with a stove, somewhat small fridge, and a sink and oven. There were two separate rooms down a very small hallway, which were Rhian and Lucine’s rooms. Of course, Lucine knew all this, having picked out the suite herself, but Rhian looked at it in interest, as if intrigued by the girl’s choice.

When Rhian was done examining the suite, he announced, “I’m going to go to sleep.” And without another word, he wandered into the bedroom closest to the kitchen and shut the door behind him.

With Rhian being asleep, and therefore not bothering Lucine, she had time to think. A genie. That can give unlimited wishes. isn’t that kind of ridiculous and unfair? I mean, there’s not a way for me to defy him at all? I have to do what he says, I have to get him what he wants when he wants it with absolutely no way around it. He’s completely taken away my free will. Why is this so incredibly different from all the movies and stories about genies? I feel… trapped. And my parents won’t even realize I’m gone. They rarely even realize I’m talking to them.

And so the spiral of depressive thoughts went, with her mind wandering in circles, lost and confused. She was in America. She’d never had any interest in leaving her home, even for just a small vacation. And now, she wasn’t even sure she’d be laying her eyes on her high school again. She was too nervous to sleep, for once in her life, and had no idea what to do to get her out of her current predicament.


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