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Genie’s Rules

By @Nanashi

Chapter 6

If a laugh could’ve escaped Lucine’s mouth, it would’ve. “What do you mean by ‘I made’ and ‘genie?”

“Exactly what it sounds like. I turned you into a genie,” he said, standing up.

“Say I were to believe you. How did you do it?” she asked, crossing her arms.

“Those earrings I gave you last night.” Was all the answer he offered her.

“What about them?” She said, still stuck on the questions only policy.

“That’s how I did it.”

“And how did you get the earrings to begin with?”

“No more questions,” Rhian said, standing up, then walking over to Lucine, who glared at him.

“You can at least look kind and approachable. You don’t look good angry,” he said with a wink, then walked over to the kitchen area. Lucine felt her face involuntarily twist into a smile, so she did the only thing she could do. She started running. She turned away from Rhian and ran for the door out of the house, but it was locked. Rhian watched her struggling as he absently made sandwiches. “You realize that you can’t actually open that door, right? It’s locked.”

What kind of door doesn’t have a lock from the inside? Lucine thought as she struggled to open the door. “Just let me leave this ridiculous place,” she said, her tone the exact opposite of the look on her face.

“Aw, come on. It’s not that bad. Besides, you’re not gonna be on this island much longer,” Rhian said, watching Lucine in amusement. He walked over to her, then handed her one of the sandwiches. She refused, thinking of the last thing he gave her and how they lead to her current predicament. He shrugged, then said, “Fine. But once I finish these and get a few things, we’re leaving.”

“Tell me where we’re going,” Lucine said, but Rhian didn’t answer her, leaving the room instead. She followed him, waiting for an answer, but by the time they’d reached what was possibly a bedroom if it had had furniture, he’d still said nothing. He walked over to a wall, then opened a secret door, presumably where they were going. However, he started pulling out jars of Nutella.

“Oh, good. You followed me. Come over here and help me carry some of these,” Rhian said, so Lucine unwillingly went and held some.

“Nutella. Never thought that would be the first priority for someone when it comes to packing,” she said, studying the jars.

“They don’t have real Nutella in the states,” he informed her, piling more jars in the girl’s arms.

“We’re going to the U.S.,” she said, then Rhian confirmed with a head nod.

“Yep. It’s a lot better there. First off, you get snow in most of the places. Second, I’m allowed to drive there.”

“You’re fifteen.”

“I can get a learner’s permit.”

Lucine thought about this, then shrugged. Did it really matter whether or not he was driving? Depends on how well he drives, she thought, but let it go.

“We’ll be getting to America by….,” she said, leaving it open for Rhian to fill in. It was hard to ask questions without actually asking them.

“You,” was all Rhian said as he stocked his own arms with Nutella.

When he finished, Rhian told Lucine, “You don’t have to smile now if you don’t want to.” Lucine dropped her smile, her cheek muscles sore. “Now,” he said, “I wish that we had a fast and comfortable way to get to America.” Suddenly, Lucine’s mind was spinning with a number of things that could make this possible. A private jet, first class seating on an airplane, teleportation, a Lamborghini and cruise ship, and so many more ideas. All she had to do was choose one. She chose first class seating, for multiple reasons. First, she’d never flown on a plane, nonetheless first class. Second, she didn’t have to get suitcases for all the Nutella. Rhian would have to do that. Third, if he tried anything, there would be other people around to see.

Two tickets appeared on top of Lucine’s stack of jars, So Rhian read what they said. “That definitely comes with it’s difficulties. I wish I had a bottomless suitcase.” Lucine scowled, her mind running through different sizes and styles of suitcases. She chose one just too big to be counted as a carry-on that was neon pink and had neon green, swirly hearts decorating it. Upon appearing, Rhian stared at it.

“You certainly couldn’t have picked something uglier,” he said passively, flipping the top open, then dumping his jars of Nutella into it. He took the two tickets from Lucine, who then put her jars into it. Rhian tried to close it, but the zipper got stuck in six different places. Who’s laughing now? Lucine thought, smirking. They left for the airport, which happened to be three miles away. Not that it mattered. The plane would stall until they got there.

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