A New Era

By @queenblue

A New Era

By @queenblue

The prompt was, 'Write two people recalling their life story'. and I chose this approach. Please tell me what you think, I would enjoy some feedback! Geneva is a young and the latest newsreporter but come a holiday party and she's in pieces. Will her heart win this war or will her trauma be too much? Ted is everywhere lately. His place of work has become a place of longing. They both think they should take a break and maybe a vacation is just what they need. Find out more and comment theories!

Chapter 1


“Geneva, open this door. Now!” Ted exclaimed.

“No! I-I just need some space, okay?” Geneva said quietly.

“Geneva, of course you do. But when you assault someone at a party, then it becomes a matter of both me and you.” Ted explained.

“I-It was an accident, okay?! I didn’t mean for my hand to hit him that hard! H-He was standing too close anyhow.” Geneva cried out.

“Gen, he was trying to get the bug off you. He’s married, he would never try something like that, okay? If he made you uncomfortable, that was never his intention!” Ted said.

“How could you know?! What makes you so sure that he wasn’t going to attack me?! I trust him so, of course, he would attack me!” Geneva sobbed.

“…Geneva… what happened to you? Who hurt you?” Ted asked softly.

“Ted, I don’t need your pity, okay? Just forget it.” She sighed.

“No, Gen, I want to help. It’s obvious that you need help and that you’re still in pain.” Ted suggested.

“Who says I still need help?! I’m fine!” Geneva yelled.

“Gen, you backhanded one of my employees and now locked yourself in a conference room. I think I’m involved as of now.” Ted said gently.

“It was an accident, okay? I didn’t mean to hit him that hard….” She said faintly.

“Geneva, you still hit him okay? You’re lucky that he didn’t want to press charges against you. He understood that you’re in pain and are still healing.” Ted described.

“I know, but… You’ll look at me differently after I tell you. That’s what I’m afraid of.” She claimed.

“Maybe I will but with good reason. I’ll see you as whatever you want me to see you.” He responded.

“…I was 6 when it started… He would come at night and leave at dawn. I didn’t know who he was or what he was doing. I just knew I didn’t like it. I stayed silent, frozen in fear, what could I do? I was a 6-year-old! He stopped coming when I turned 17. By that time, I left, and I never looked back. I forgot all about it, thank God. But nightmares plagued me whenever I slept in the dark. I couldn’t sleep alone anymore. I had to have someone in my bed, even if they didn’t know my last name.” Geneva spoke.

“Oh, my god. Geneva, that’s sexual assault and rape! You… I… Don’t have words. I don’t think whatever I say will make you feel better. Because those were crimes that were committed to you. My god, I can’t believe you never told anyone about this.” He stated.

“I did, once. My aunt. She was the closest thing to family I had in that house. I told her one night while everyone was away. She looked at me like I was insane. I suddenly felt insecure. There was silence in the air. Then she said, ‘I don’t believe you.’ Just like that. I excused myself and cried myself to sleep for the first time. I never cried when he came. I only cried that night. What was the point of crying when it wouldn’t help me?” She answered.

“Then your aunt is stupid for not seeing that you were in pain! You were only 6, you shouldn’t put all this pressure on yourself!” Ted conveyed.

“You don’t understand! I must! I’ve forgotten my whole childhood because of this! Because of me. If I were stronger, I could’ve said something and insisted that I get help! Now, I’m traumatized with no hope of ever getting better!” She ended with a sob.

Ted was stunned. He was silent before speaking. “Geneva, saying that you’re at blame is the reason you cannot get better. You can. Anyone can, with professional help.” He paused before saying, “When you come in on Monday, go straight to the office psychologist. Your work will done later,” He stood up and brushed off his trousers. “No complaints, your health comes first. Depending on what she says, you will either stay with us and meet with her regularly or she’ll want to refer you to a psychiatric hospital if you’re deemed a risk to yourself.” Ted demanded and explained.

She was silent before answering, “Fine, but no one must know of this. I mean it, Ted, no one.” Her voice quivered.

“Geneva, what do you take me as? Some charlatan? Of course, only the psychologist and I will know. That’s final.” He turned away from the door. “Also, I’m going back to the party, if you want to rethink your isolation.” He walked away before she could answer.

She sat in silence, looking at the floor to wall windows. The moon was out, mocking her with its beauty. She sighed before getting up and walking out, on what seemed to be, the end of an era.

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