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Gay Man at Heart

By @robinson1979

Chapter 1 Peeping Tom

Ill at least get someone to talk to me so I’ll start this up. 

Cuz HE never talks to me. 

I know it will be about HER but ill at least get someone to talk to me. 

Here will start by writing all of them about how it went. 

Even though it went fine.

I still want to get my point across. 

It will probably hurt HER but at least I’ll get my point across. 

They don’t ever want to talk to me anymore. 

I have to give them something good to talk about. 

Ok here we go.




Dear all,


I received a call from HER general practical helping hand

today with HER on the line ~ a 3-way call.  

The discussion centered around HER stability and 

what they have to offer since SHE is a member.

We discussed options for HER to see a person there.

I wonder if he is cute. 

I would not want to disclose too much due to the HIPAA LAW. I want to respect our private conversation.





I know I am writing all of you and inviting all of you to join in our private discussion however all of you I can trust.

She did invite me to join last minute so I should be respecting her privacy.

I wanted her to see a general practical person with a helping hand. As I noticed she is single and her 5 finger prescription for sexual frustration was not working.


She needs a person physically with her to resolve any pent up sexual feelings. I could not fathom to resolve my own pent up sex frustrations being that my other halves’ breeding ground is non-responsive. 

She needs this visit with a person.

She insists HER neighbors are peeping toms.

She takes a shower and a **** and trims her crotch hair.




The Peeping toms watch her trim her crotch hair and discuss the fallen trimmings in the toilet. The discussion continues involving the length of the trimmings and how she is ******* trimming it right ******* now. How the peeping toms are so excited to watch her trim her crotch hair. Yes it’s been awhile. No reason to show off being that she is single. Crotch hair can get in the way of a sexual experience. However, short crotch hair causes rug burn. Bush or burn?





















That doesn’t exist and is impossible.

It’s Impossible to have peeping toms.

The supposable trustworthy dependable close people to her say it’s impossible.

View through the window next to the shower.

Cameras and microphones on doorbells with a radius of a mile that follow til you reach around the block.

Voice pitch dropped in with a laser to catch every word.









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