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Fx Case

By @dolphin4d


In an old building – very old – there was only an apartment living by a man. His name was Time. He was single and stayed alone. His apartment was his home and his office.

Just looked at where he lived, it could be seen clearly that he did not earn much. Yes, he is a private detective. He worked for himself; he worked for pleasure; he worked because he liked. Money was not his priority. Still, he needed money to survive, at least to buy instant noodle.

Few months ago, there was no customer and his instant noodle almost ran out. He hoped a customer showing up today or he would starve to death.

Sitting in his chair, he heard noise. It was foot step. According to his experience, he was sure it was sound of high heel so his customer was a lady.

Due to his brain, she should be rich herself or maid of someone rich. 

Time smiled when he thought about this.

His customer was walking up the stairs. She needed to walk slowly because the stairs and way were full of dirt and garbage. Also, it was not brightening. Time wished she would not take wrong step and fell over stair.

It was more than 5 minutes to finish the stairs and walked along dirty and smelly corridor to reach the door.

Time sat waiting patiently.


Door bell rang.

‘Come in.’ Time called.

As the door opened, Time looked directly at the door. 

A lady appeared. She wore black robe, tighten her body shape. Her beauty.. no need to describe, she was pretty and attractive.

‘I am Marsi. Inspector Vibol introduced to me.’ The lady said very gentle voice.

‘Oh, I see.’ Time nodded head. ‘Take a seat.’

Marsi said thank you before she closed the door and walked to put her butt on chair before Time – between them was a desk – and put brown A4 document envelope on table in front of her.

‘If you are introduced by Inspector Vibol, so you should know my work condition.’ said Time looking straight into her eyes.

‘Yes, he told me already.’ 

Marsi stated with smiling.

‘You work only on sex case.’

What she said made Time smile. He nodded his head lightly. He lowered his eyes little bit then raised his eyes up, looked straight to her and said, ‘What can I do for you, Miss?’

‘Just call me, Marsi.’

‘Anything you want.’ Time left his hands out. ‘What can I help you, Marsi?’

‘I want you to find my husband. He is lost for one month.’

‘Finding person, you should go to police.’

‘I have reason that I come to you, not police.’

Marsi paused. She slid the brown envelope to Time.

Time took it and opened. There were things inside. Time took them out. They were photos and papers.

The detective looked at the photos one by one. They were all about on bed affair between a man and a woman. The woman looked similar Marsi.

‘She is my younger sister.’ Marsi expressed. ‘And that man is my husband.’

Time rose face at Marsi when he heard that.

‘He cheats on you.’ Time said.

‘Yes,’ said Marsi, sad, ‘with my sister.’

She paused to take long breath then continued, ‘I found out. I wanted to divorce with him. He said he did not want to divorce me and he said he would end with her. He really did. He kept promise. We forgot thing and stayed together normally. Last month, at night he told me he got call from my sister that she wanted to meet him, I agreed him to go, so he went to meet her, then he did not return until today.’

‘You think she kidnaps him?’

‘I don’t know.’ Marsi shook head. She faced down.

‘What’s about your sister?’

‘I don’t know. She had disappeared since he had ended with her. Until today, I never meet her or hear from her.’

Marsi rose face up.

‘I don’t go to police because I don’t want this matter expose. Even though, she is my sister. And I don’t believe she kidnaps him. I wish there’s something else.’

‘What’s something else you want it to be?’

Marsi shook her head.

‘I don’t know. I.. I.. just wish.. only.’

Her voice was not smooth. Time could feel what inside her. It was terrible already for a woman to know her husband cheated on her, and it was more terrible and so hurt when third person was her sister. 

Marsi took breath few times before she opened her purse and took out one USB to give to Time.

‘It is another evidence to help you to solve the case.’

She smiled.

‘It is their affair videos.’

Time raised his one eye-brow.

‘How you get this?’ Time asked.

‘I doubted so I set camera in house and…’ Marsi lowered her voice. 

‘It was night before I told him and he promised he would end tie with he.’ Marsi claimed. ‘The video is not full, because camera lost battery.’

‘I see.’ Time nodded.

‘And…’ she took money – cash – putting on desk and slid to Time, ‘it is deposit. I will give the rest when the case is solved.’

Time showed light smiling.

‘I’m waiting for your call.’ She slid name card to him. Then she rose her body up from chair. ‘Goodbye.’


Time showed her out of his house. Before she left, Marsi gave a smile to him, pretty smiling, but not fresh. Sad smile.

After, he came to check documents he got.

In paper document, there were resume of the three, Marsi, her husband and her sister : date of birth, place of birth, living address, work experiences and address, education background, ability, skill, like and dislike, hobbies, etc.

Time read through. He nodded head slowly. She provided all needed documents he needed. She was well prepared.

Next, he plunged USB into port. There was only one video file in it. Time copied from USB to his computer. It took time to finish. During that, Time took his cell phone and pressed number calling pizza. He got money so he needed to have good meal. While waiting for pizza and USB copy, Time walked to kitchen and took beer from fridge, one can, and back to his seat. He opened beer and took a sip, after that, he picked document up and read. He paid attention to even single word in the document. Then he rose photo and rest his body to backseat of chair and looked at the photo. He drank beer once and continued look at same photo. The woman, Marsi sister, based on document saying she named Maravi. She had similar face shape like her sister, also, her figure was good same as Marsi’s. It was no doubt how she could seduce her brother-in-law. Looking at the photo, she was so beautiful. Her skin was brightening and smooth. Her breast was big plum. Great form. Not only brother in law but also Time, he would fall to her if she seduced him.

When was falling into pretty girl photo, a bell rang.

Time pulled his body from chair walking to the door. He opened. It was pizza.


Time gave money and took pizza and closed the door.

He returned to his seat.

Copy was finish.

‘Good.’ Time said. He placed pizza box on table, on his right and clicked file to display it. He took one slice of pizza and inserted into his mouth while eyes were on desktop screen.

Time ate and watched. It was very interesting video as there was pretty girl in it. Time could feel how Marsi felt but he could not deny her sister, Maravi, was so attractive. In the video, she played bed assignment with her brother-in-law so well, combined with her beauty, the video was well done that Time had to raise thumb.

Video was about 1 hour length. Within this hour, Maravi and her brother-in-law played love game full. On bed, on floor, and at wall. It was upset for time, when they was doing fourth in bed, the video ended. It was because camera had ran out of battery. So upset.

Well, though, it did not matter.

Time re-played.

He put his hand into box, but then he realized the box was empty. He already finished the whole pizza.

OH. Time opened his eyes. He did not realize. Perhaps he fell deeply into the video, or perhaps into the female character.

Time laughed.

No matter. At least, he still had beer.

Time rose can to his mouth. He drank and watched. Watch and drink.

When second display reached half, a phone rang.

‘Hello.’ Time picked up.

‘How are you doing, man?’

‘I’m fine, and you?’

‘I’m good. How is your business?’

‘You mean your introducing?’

‘Yes. You accept the case?’

‘How can I refuse? She has all my conditions.’

Time heard Vibol laughing in phone.

‘You tell her?’ Time said.


‘I know. She cannot prepare all things if no one tell her and that one is you.’

Vibol did not reply. He just laughed.

‘Why you help her?’ Time said, his eyes were still at the screen.

‘She is my classmate. She has no one so she comes to me and I help.’

‘You know her well?’


‘Then perhaps you can give me clues.’

Vibol laughed.

‘Can we meet tonight?’ Time suggested.


‘OK, same place, same time.’


Vibol hung up.

Time put his phone down on desk. He did not take his eyes from the screen. He drank beer and watched.

When second displayed ended, he got up from his chair to take another beer can and returned to seat and displayed video again. When video ended, he got up to take a beer can and came back and watched it again. He repeated until time to meet Vibol. He took quick shower and left house.

This part has nothing to describe. Just summarize that two men chit chat, manly, about the case and other topics.

After, Time got home. All he did was watching video. He re-displayed. Again and again. Whole night, whole next day, whole days after.

It was unbelievable that just sitting and watched sex video, he could solve crime case. Yes, he is expert. If he is number two, so no one is number one.

Just three days, watching the video, Time could locate her husband. He called Marsi.

He heard she was half shock and happy hearing news. Then she dropped her voice saying to him, ‘I feel scared. Can you go with me?’

Actually, Time could refuse, but he agreed. Marsi was happy to hear his agreement.

She drove car to receive Time.

‘I drive you, Miss.’ Time said when her car stopped before him.

‘Oh, yes.’ Marsi nodded head. She opened and left car. She walked to open guest seat door and entered. Time placed himself in seat of driver. After, they got off.

The car moved on road.

On the way, Time watched through his rim of eyes seeing Marsi was worried. Her hands grabbed each other, nervously, small trembling. Her face was little pale. She usually sighed. 

She was fear. She was worried. She was thinking how was her husband. She was thinking what to ask him. She was scared she might seeing her sister there. What she should say if she was really there. What she should do if she saw he was with her. What she should do if she saw only him. What she should do if there was only her sister and no her husband. What she should do if they escaped.

Time thought she was thinking all these. She was in confusion. So, he placed his hand over hers.

Marsi turned to him. He looked at her, patted her hand gently then turned back to eye the way. He put his hand covering her hand until the car reached location. It was small house in remote area, out of town.

‘This is my old house. When I was young, I lived her with my parents.’ Marsi said.


‘My parents inherited to my sister when they died.’ 

She looked at Time. Her eyes said something.. and Time understood and nodded head.

She dropped her jaws.

‘We get in.’

Time opened car and Marsi opened too.

They walked into the house in normal speed.

The house was still good. There was small dust. All furniture were covered by plastic bag. 

Time suspected something. When he arrived at the door, there was smell of dirt, but when they were in house, he smelled something. That smell was from upstair.

‘Is there room?’ He pointed upstair.

‘Yes, there were three rooms, my parents’, mine and my sister’s.’ Marsi replied.

‘Let go up.’

Marsi nodded. She lead him upstairs.

‘It is my parents’ room.’ Marsi told.

‘Is it locked?’ Time asked.

‘No.’ Marsi shook head and opened door for him.

Time stepped in. There was nothing suspect.

They moved.

‘That is my room,’ she pointed to a room opposite of next room to her parents’ room. ‘And this is my sister’s room.’ She claimed and pushed door…


Marsi covered her mouth.

Time entered.

A skeleton was on bed. There was some rotten flesh and blood next to it. The room was covered with bad smell.

Marsi ran out of room. She vomited.

Time followed her. He ran his hand over her back.

‘We have to report to police.’

Time said and without waiting for Marsi approval, he took his phone out and deal number to Vibol, but his number could not be contacted so he called to another friend.

Minutes later, polices arrived at the scene.

They inspected the place.

Time and Marsi were interrogated outside.

Marsi cried hardly as she recognized dress on skeleton was her husband’s.

Well, she could not shut up and she had to expose everything to the police. Also, Time told what he knew to police.

When he was interrogated, a hand touched his shoulder.

‘Hello man.’

He turned and saw it was another friend of him. He was a person he had called after he could not contact Vibol.

‘Hello, Baldy. Still alive?’ Time smiled at his friend.

In fact, his friend was not bald, but it was nickname that he called him since long time ago, so he called him. Baldy did not mind. He replied his friend smilingly, ‘I cannot die because you are still living.’

Both men laughed at each other.

‘How you come here?’ Baldy asked Time. Then Time summarized to his friend.

After hearing that, Baldy nodded head. Then he turned to Marsi.

‘Are you sure he is your husband?’

‘Yes.’ Marsi nodded.

‘Well, we need to test to make sure.’

‘You can, but please give me his bone. I need to make funeral for him.’ Marsi wiped her tears with tissue.

‘Yes, we will give your husband bone to you.’

‘Give it to me now.’ Marsi spoke. ‘I need to bring his all bone to do funeral or I have nothing to explain to his family.’

‘Well, let me see.’

Baldy got into the house.

Marsi waited frustrately outside. After 2 minutes, Baldy got out and said, ‘We will take flesh and blood to verify victim identification. You can take the bone.’

‘Oh, thank you so much.’ Marsi said in tear.

‘Two of you can leave.’ Baldy said.

Time assisted Marsi to stand up.

‘Please bring my husband bone to my house. Please sir.’ Marsi said before she left.

‘Yes, I promise. My colleagues will bring your husband bone to your house.’ Badly said.

‘Today.’ Marsi confirmed.

‘Yes. Today.’

Marsi still sobbed.

Time touched her shoulder gently and told, ‘Please wait me in car. I want to talk with my friend. Just a minute.’

Marsi nodded and walked alone to sit in car.

Time turned to talk with Baldy.

‘Where is Vibol?’

‘I don’t know. I haven’t seen him for three days.’

‘I just met him.’


‘At club.’

‘I have no idea where he is now.’

‘Have you check his house?’


‘Did you ask his wife?’

‘He divorced one month ago. You don’t know?’

‘No, he did not tell anything.’

It was surprise to hear that. Vibol divorced, but he did not mention anything when he met with Time at the club.

Time left with Marsi with question in his head.

He drove her home.

When they reached, he assisted her into house. He put her sitting in sofa and invaded her house to find a glass of water for her.

After getting some cool water, feeling became better. Sobbing sound decreased.

Time put his butt next to her.

‘Are you fine?’ He said.

Marsi did not say, just nodded head.

‘No one at home?’

Marsi nodded.

‘It is break time. House maid will come back at 2 o’clock.’ She expressed.

‘So, can you stay alone today?’

Marsi did not answer.

Seeing her like this, Time decided instead of her.

‘Go to take a rest.’

Time told. Marsi nodded head. She got up and Time assisted her to her room located at upper floor.

He helped her to bed.

Before she laid down, she took a bottle on small table at her head bed and asked for water. Time got down to take water for her. She took medicine then slid body into blanket.

‘It is sleeping pill.’ Marsi said. ‘I need to take it or I cannot sleep.’

‘It’s not good.’ Time said.

‘I have no choice.’

‘OK, sleep.’

Marsi smiled little and shut her eyes.

She fell into sleep suddenly. Then Time moved his body downstairs.

It was almost 12 PM.

He entered kitchen. There was food. It should be from house maid. Time did not care much. He fulled his stomach. After he finished, he opened fridge. He wanted to find beer, but only wine.

‘Drink water is better.’

He stated and took a water bottle out of the fridge. Then he closed the fridge. He rose bottle up and poured into his mouth once he eyed Marsi was standing at the door looking at him.

‘Sorry, I was hungry.’ He explained to Marsi. He was afraid that she would mind that he ate her food.

‘No need to sorry. You can eat and drink. Consider it is your house.’ Marsi stated in smile.

‘Eat.’ He called Marsi.

‘No, I’m not hungry.’

Marsi shook head and walked away. 

Time finished his water bottle and followed Marsi to living room.

Marsi stood at the window glaring outside.

Time stood distance from her. He looked from behind.

He saw her sad face. She was hurt after finding her husband was dead. Sorrow in her heart could not be described. Unless experienced person would be able to understand her mind at present.

Even though, sadness could not vanish her beauty. She was very good in any dress even white simple sleeping robe. She troubled a man’s heart whom was standing behind her. Definitely, she was really beautiful. Time heart was waving. As she turned her face and looked at his eyes, his heart started waving strongly. He wanted something. Something that Marsi could see. The pretty widow walked slowly towards him. They became closer. Their eyes met and they could not move away. In a blink of eyes, Time reached her lips. He gently fondled her lips. Marsi showed no refuse. She enjoyed his lips. She embraced his neck and allowed his tongue into her mouth. Fire burned inside. Time could not control. He carried Marsi in his arms and stepped on stairs to her room. He put her on bed and removed his cloth. Then he covered her body and kissed every inch of her skin against the fabric. After, he made her naked like born body and he covered over her body. They enjoyed lunch in bed, love lunch, not food lunch. Comfortable voice echoed the room. The pleasant time.

After, they fell asleep hugging each other.

Time opened his eyes.

Marsi was sleeping head on his chest.

Time kissed her gently then got off bed, wearing towel and stepped downstairs. He went into kitchen and took water bottle. While he was drinking, a woman showed up. She was in middle age. She looked at Time with question eyes then she seem realized and behaved normally.

‘You are house maid?’ Time asked her.

‘Yes.’ She said.

‘I’m her friend.’


She carried two pieces of paper with green jelly on. She placed it on table.

‘What’s that?’ Time asked.

‘It is to catch fly. There are a lot of flies. Don’t know where they from. Before, no one.’ She said.

Time nodded head.

After drinking, he got up to room. Marsi did not wake up yet. Time kissed her gently then he put his dress. After, he got off the room. At that time, a phone rang. It was from Baldy.

‘Hey, man. Free?’


‘OK. Come. I wait at coffee store on Monivong.’


Time hung up and got down. He met with house maid and told her to tell Marsi that he got out to meet with friend. After, he left to meet with Baldy.

He and Baldy talked for hours.

As night fell, they ended their talk.

Baldy gave him a ride to his house. 

When he got home, he checked phone. No miscall. He supposed Marsi to call him, but no sign from her.

Perhaps she is still sleeping. She takes pill.

Time thought to call her later.

He stayed in his chair. Nothing to do. So he decided display video of Maravi and her brother-in-law. Even body of brother-in-law was found, but Maravi still lost. He needed to find her to clarify. The case could be closed when Maravi was found.

Time watched the video. He accompanied himself with beer can.

It was 8 PM. Still, Marsi did not call him. He felt worried, so he made her call.

‘Hello.’ Voice Marsi.

‘Hello, you got up.?’ Time asked.

‘Yes. Can I call you later? I am busy little bit.’


She hung up immediately.

Time felt strange about her voice.

He felt not good and worried about her, but he could not do anything beside of waiting as she told.

He took another beer can and re-played video. He repeated the video as he felt something related to Maravi in this video. He felt her action was familiar, but he could not recall. The only way to make him remember was to watch that video. Watch again and again.

He watched and waited for Marsi calling.

Time held phone in hand. It was three hours already. Marsi did not call back. He was so worried so he called her. It said her phone was busy. Time pressed again. Still busy. He called third time. Still, her phone was busy. Time jumped out of his chair. He left house suddenly. He took his car and drove to her house.

He was so worried, but when he arrived at her house, he felt release as he saw her.

‘Why your phone’s always busy?’

Time asked when he faced with Marsi.

‘Sorry. I am busy taking care of my husband bone.’ Marsi spoke.

‘How is it now?’

‘Police delivered his bone this evening. I called his relatives. They are sad and angry with me. They said my sister murder him so they blame me.’ 

Marsi sobbed. Time embraced her.

‘It’s fine.’ Time ran hand over her back. Then he released her and kissed her lips. After, they walked into house and got up to bed room.

It was not what Time wished, but Marsi wanted it; therefore, he obliged.

Time caressed Marsi then rest in her room until morning.

He got up first and went down stair.

He saw house maid was placing fly catcher papers in kitchen.

He greeted her and talked with her.

‘A lot of flies.’


‘Perhaps door does not close properly.’

‘I don’t know. In living room, upstairs, in bathroom, there is no fly. Only in here.’

‘It can be dead rat or dead lizard that bring fly here.’

‘No, I check already. No dead animal in here. Before, no fly. It just happens a month.’

Time drank water. His brain was still in mist. He looked at the house maid and asked

‘How long you stay here, aunt?’

‘One year, I think.’

‘Well, what time do you work?’

‘I work from 7AM to 11AM and from 2PM to 4PM.’

Housemaid spoke with Time and cooked at same time.

‘So, you know Marsi’s husband.’

‘Yes, I know two of them.’

‘What’s about her sister?’

‘I met her once or twice.’

‘What kind of person she is?’

‘I don’t know her well. Just know she is pretty, but little aggressive.’

‘What’s about Marsi husband’s relative?’

‘I don’t know. I never know he has relative.’

‘I think yesterday they came to take his bone…’

‘I did not see anyone coming.’

‘What’s about police?’

‘No one came. I stayed here until 4PM. I just saw Madame left.’

‘What time?’

‘After you left.’

Time was strange hearing house maid telling him.

He stopped asking. He drank water and walked to yard.

After, he made calling to Baldy.

‘Hey man,’ voice of Baldy. ‘I think of calling you, but you call me.’


‘I just want to inform you that her husband bone was reached her hands and she already cremated.’

‘What? When?’



‘Yes. And the result of testing flesh and blood shows that it is her husband.’


‘Yes, clear.’

‘Well, I just want to find about relative of her husband.’

‘His relative?’


‘Base on report, he has only sister and she is in US.’

‘She does not come here?’


‘So, who cremated the bone?’

‘His wife. Only her. She organized everything alone.’

Time narrowed his eye-brow hearing the information.

No any relative visited, but Marsi told him his relatives came and blamed her.

Furthermore, she hurriedly cremated her husband bone.

Time felt something fishy.

He stood thinking for a while.

He reminded something. Then he went up to bed room. He watched Marsi whom was sleeping. He walked to sit next to her and fondled back with his hand. After, he moved his hand to touch her bosom. He pressed it gently. Marsi started to move her body inside the blanket. She was half awake half sleep. 

At that time, Time pulled blanket out. He removed his pajamas. He placed Marsi sleep on her face and he climbed up over her. He inserted his thing into hers from behind. As it was right inside her, he moved. Step by step, Marsi expressed voice. It was delicious that she got such a meal in morning while she did not wake up yet. Very tasty that she loved this motion from Time. She showed off her happiness.

After that, she turned to sleep on her back and embraced him and kissed him. She felt affection towards him strongly. She lost in it that she did not notice Time took a hair from her head. He took chance to give it to Baldy and asked him to test quick DNA. He wanted to make sure of something. He behaved normally, pleased Marsi, waiting frustrate for the result.

When the phone rang, he immediately received.

‘What is it now?’ Time asked.

‘It is unbelievable. DNA says it is hair of Maravi.’ Baldy told.

Time closed his eyes. 

What he suspected was true.

He grabbed his fist, took a breath and opened his eyes.

He stressed his words to Baldy, ‘Come to arrest her. Now.’

Time hung up phone. He covered his head.

Shortly police cars arrived.

Marsi wondered why they came.

‘What’s wrong Sir?’ She asked Inspector Baldy.

‘Madame, there is someone calling me that there is murder.’ Baldy said.

‘Who call?’

‘Me.’ Time said.

‘You?’ Marsi looked at him wondering.

‘I’m sorry Madame. I need to check your house.’

‘Please come this way.’

Time called and Baldy and polices followed him. Also Marsi.

They all went into kitchen. Time told to dig under table in middle of kitchen. 

Marsi stood opening her eyes. Her body had frozen. Her face was pale. She was fear. Fear of her secret exposed.

Yes, under ceramic tile, under table set up, there was hole. Inside the hole, they found two dead bodies.

Marsi closed eyes as the bodies were pulled off.

‘Madame, please follow me. We need to interrogate you.’

Maris looked at Baldy then followed him silently.

Inside the room, Marsi was sitting. Before her was Baldy and another police was noting down. Time stood at the wall in this room too.

‘Why there are bodies in your house? Who are they?’

Baldy questioned her, but she kept quiet.

‘Please cooperate, Madame.’

Even though, Marsi still shut up.

‘Let me describe.’

Time spoke and left his back from wall, walking to stand next to Marsi. He placed his palms on table and stated, ‘You are not Marsi. You are Maravi, her sister.’

Fake Marsi moved her fingers.

‘You cheated with your brother in law. When your sister found out, her husband refused to divorce her but ended with you instead. You were angry so you killed them and put their bodies inside the kitchen. Unfortunately, you did not cover the floor well, so smell of the bodies came out and attracted fly…’

‘So, you find out because of fly.’ Fake Marsi said and glared at Time.

‘No.’ Time shook head. ‘I found out because of your sex video.’

Fake Marsi listened quietly.

‘At first, I believed your speech that video was not full because phone ran out of battery. But you should know clearly that I am called X detective. I am skilled in sex. You have done plastic surgery to have face of your sister, but you are not your sister.’

Time paused for a second then continued, ‘I noticed action of Maravi in the video when she had affair with brother-in-law when he sat on her and made her from behind. I did like him, and your expression was as same as Maravi in the video, including action and voice. Only one person can produce same reaction. So, I took your hair and test DNA and it showed you are Maravi, not Marsi.’

Maravi smiled.

‘You are really an expert.’

‘Why you do this? She is your sister.’ Time said.

‘It’s her make me become like this.’ Maravi glared straight into Times’ eyes. ‘I am outstanding student. She is just normal grade. I am strong and smart. She is stupid. But my parents love her more than me. They care her more than me. She is a fool, but she got good husband. She lives happily in big house, she stays in house but has money. Me, I need to work to earn money. It is not fair. Why perfect person like me run hard life.’

‘You envy your sister.’

‘Yes, I envy her. So, I seduce my brother-in-law. He loves his wife, but he is a man, he cannot control his desire so he falls in my trap. I record video when we have affair and send to her. I think she will have heart attack and die then I can be his wife and live happily. But he turns to call ending with me. I am so angry. I swear that I will take her everything even her life and face. I go to abroad to make my face like her, then I come back. I kill them and bury their bodies. Then I fake myself as her.’

‘You are woman. You cannot do alone.’ Baldy said.

‘Yes, you’re right.’ Maravi turned to smile at Baldy. ‘I have ally.’

‘It’s Vibol.’ Time claimed.

‘You are smart. It’s him.’ Maravi smiled.

‘He helps you because he loves you.’

‘Man loves pretty woman.’ Maravi showed mock smiling. ‘I just sleep with him and he does whatever I say.’

‘You know he likes you.. that’s why you use him.’

‘We are classmate. He likes me. Even after he got married, he still feel on me. So, I fulfill his wish. I tell him that I will marry him and two of us will live happily with my brother-in-law money. He believes all I say. He helps me do plastic surgery. He divorces his wife. He helps me kill. He helps me to seek you in order to proof my sister and her husband dead.’

‘Why choose me?’ Time asked.

‘Vibol tells me you are the only person who can make everyone believe our story.’

‘He helps you a lot, but you lie to him.’

‘Blame his stupid.’

‘You come to me to seduce me because you think I am stupid like those men. You plan everything. Even skeleton at your old house. You want me to witness that your brother-in-law was dead. You sleep with me to wash my brain to use me to hide from police. You kill your brother-in-law, but keep his flesh and blood putting at skeleton to lie everyone. That’s why you want the bone badly because you are afraid police will find out it’s not your brother-in-law, then you hurriedly cremate the skeleton to vanish evidence.’

Maravi did not say anything. Just smile.

At the end, she was arrested for murder. She was sent to jail, waiting for the court.

Time and Baldy got out of interrogate room.

Baldy shook his head and said, ‘It’s unbelievable. Scary truth.’

Time did not say anything.

Then Baldy got a call. He picked up. His face turned to bed sad. He said thank then hung up. He turned face to Time and said, ‘DNA test of skeleton at Maravi parents’ house shows it’s Vibol.’

Time rose his eyes up and sighed.

‘I expect it.’ He said.

Baldy slapped Time’s shoulder.

Then both of them strolled together.

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