Furliceo Strikes Back

By @Wyatt_Jaymes54
Furliceo Strikes Back

When an attempted assassination on Skyrid 's brother, Michael Crop who is also the first teen President of Jasper happens, Skyrid is again rushed to the safety of Gailems. Is he really safe or does his nemesis, Furliceo have something else planned?

Chapter 1


Brian Henderson placed his left hand on The Secret Book of Aliens (The Religious text of the Hitons) and said these words while also holding up his other hand: 

“I, Brian Henderson, swear to uphold all laws required by the office of President and also, to follow the bylaws of the constitution of this great nation. So help me, Kursta.”

He smiled as he looked at the cameras

“These past years we’ve been tortured by the Cithians and their disgraceful leader, Kodyack Blues, my Predecessor of this office. For too long they have destroyed our cities with their powers, taken our food with our Hawkheads. He held up a see- through coin with a hawk’s head on one side and a claw on the other as the citizens of Jasper applauded and cheered graciously. He cleared his throat as he resumed his speech. “They also infiltrated our ranks of 1,000 people per each rank and killed a great many of our people. Kodyack says that only the Cithians who are poor and possessed are the ones who did that. But, I hold all Cithians accountable for those things. You voted me in on the oath that I would take care of these dastardly fiends once and for all. That is why I have come forward with a plan to hunt down all Cithians and their leader, whose name I’ve already mentioned. This plan consists of one, the Ranks will surrender their houses to my army of government operatives known as Strikers to be searched for the Cithians’ people, two, any person found harboring a Cithian will pay either with spending their life in prison or a fine of 30 million Hawkheads. And lastly, each rank will provide 100 people each to serve as Strikers and their names will remain anonymous. That is all and may all members of each rank prosper during my time in office.”


One week later, the Strikers went on the search for my people, the Cithians. They searched every house and captured over 200 of us and many more Sayis’ died while trying to protect them from the Strikers.

My dad, Alex Crop who had been singing with the Sayis ever since he was 3 decided 2 months after he was baptized in Lake Mogoona that being a singer was all he wanted to do with his life. Finally two weeks after he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome on his twelfth birthday, he was discovered by Bigshot record studios and became a professional Singer/Songwriter. He was also crowned the new Gator Sayis after Gadrid Markson was killed in the war of Darkomega

One day, he went into a meeting with Kodyack and The Sayis Council and this meeting had been called together on how to stop the search for my people. The Hecticmaker (or President) of the council, Richard Markson stood up.

“I propose that we erase the memories of the remaining Cithians from the Strikers’ minds. Please say ‘Aye’ if you agree and ‘Nay’ if you don’t.”

5 out of 8 council members said “Aye” and the others said “Nay”

Richard slammed down his gavel.

“Alright. The “Aye’s” have it. But, I have a word of warning: If another Cithian attack happens, the Strikers’ minds will be reawakened and their search for our people will restart.

That was in March of 2024. But in October of 2050, Drayer Jets and Furliceo Woolsley attacked the Village of Siraka and thus the search for my people continued. 

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