From the dark to the light

By @Brooke
From the dark to the light

A group of kid go into the forest to see if the roamers were true and what happens to them is unbelievable

Chapter 1

The darkness


Once upon a time in a land far far away in the dark forest, there was a group of young teens they were about 13. They heard all of the scary stories the adults told them when it was dark and there were fires all around, but this was not a normal town they did not light wood on fire they lit, babies, on fire till they were a minute away from death. They did this so no one could run away, and no one could come in because they would stand out too much. They did this because they were not a normal town well, I will get back to this later but for now… there were 5 teens, so they went to the darkest creepiest scariest biggest forest in their town, they did not believe their parents when they told them that if they went there and stayed overnight that they will see the sun but they did not believe them because no one alive had ever seen the sun. To them if you saw the sun you would live out the rest of your life in pain and fear, but they also said that if you stayed there for 3 days right before you dye of dehydration you would be brought to the “scariest place on the earth” but to us that would be the prettiest happiest nicest place on earth. But to them it is like a nightmare and to us their town is the nightmare. So, they went with no food or water, but they did bring a bottle of sweat because they knew that they could drink that, but it would not count as water. They set off and they only told their dads because they would let them go but their mothers would not, when they first set foot in the forest and set off it was getting dark they were not scared but they knew that if they went back if they did get scared that everyone would call them babies. They went on and when they found their favorite spot in the middle of the forest, they set up their camp. They went to sleep at 11 pm and the next thing they remembered was waking up to a bright forest they got really scared because at first they thought they were going to be in pain for the rest of their life but, for the first time in their life they felt happy and they felt the world might not be as bad as they thought. For the first time in their life they where very happy they did not listen to there parents and saw the sun. They started to be exited for the 3rd day because they wanted to see what the prettiest place on the world is. But they knew that they could never go back because their people would sacrifice them to the fires of the earth. So, they decided that they would go back and bring their moms with them because they knew their moms had always wanted to go. So, when they got back to the forest with their moms, they stayed there for 3 days. It has been three days since they got there so they all got teleport ed to the prettiest place on earth. They were all filled with happy nice for the first time they never wanted to see their old town again and they lived the rest of their life happy and in the light and they never had to worry about being in the dark again. They had finally found what make them happy so they lived out their lives telling stories of their old lives to the ones who would listen.  

The end 


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