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From friends to …….

By @LEO437

I seem to have been overdoing things,

And the situation doesn’t seem right.

But know, I want us to fly by wings,

Not through these lame fights.

The first time we met,

I knew there were things to follow.

The destiny was all set,

And you turned my heart, hollow.

You pulled the door and passed,

I would say, that’s when the journey start.

The most beautiful journey of life,

To remind you hope this verse would suffice.

Come soon the awaited moment,

As if the gods wanted us to meet.

I was shifted to your batch,

And it felt like I had achieved some feat.

But, to you my friend, I want to confess,

It was not afterwards easy.

That was a tunnel without an end,

And I spent nights busy digging.

Out of blue came a ray of hope,

Nothing it was, but you hand.

Was it a dream I was in?

Or were my stars actually getting into a band?

That time, I had put my heart open for you,

Perfection, instead of blood, in your vessels flew.

Still I knew, love is not,

Without the realization of flaws.

We went from being batch mates,

To being close friends.

Caring for each other,

When no one else could stand!

Do you remember the time,

We had to stay part more than a week?

It made me realize what I had for you,

As, without you, I was so meek.

I couldn’t wait anymore,

So uttered those three words.

After a sleepless night,

We transitioned to being more than friends.

Best time in my life came,

As you were by my side.

Abreast each other, I imagined,

We would walk forever in the light.

But so true do they mutter,

Good things are too good to last.

We have had walk over butter,

Now it was turn of troubles to start!

Hitherto our friendship was stronger than adamantation,

It could absorb many blows.

Unfortunately, it showed up the cracks,

For so many fights we had in a row.

It was ready to break down,

And I sensed just one more hit it’ll last.

Still I gave it that chance,

Hither my proposal proved to be a blast.

We had our last talk,

And I couldn’t even wish good night.

“You rejected me so what?,

I’m free from the shackles that had me caught!”

O’ dear, never did I want this,

For any of us.

But always my wonderful journey,

Was near to its end!!

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