From Dawn Until Forever - Book One/Novel One - The WynderMyre Memoirs Series

By @TWMAuthor
From Dawn Until Forever - Book One/Novel One - The WynderMyre Memoirs Series

Introducing The Lady Trieste WynderMyre. A Child of Two Worlds in more ways than one. Although, technically born on Earth, her roots are firmly into Seventh Heaven Universe. Descendant of Two Noble Bloodlines, the Witches/Wizards of BirkeLand on her Mother's side and the Duchy of MesaByrd, Vampires of Sanguis, on her Father's side. She's 19 at the beginning of her stories, but a Prophecy uttered ages ago, will play an important part in her future...

Chapter 1





by CeDany

Copyrighted © 2019

September 2019


“The main Portal on Neutra Islandia had been restored.

For those who wanted to leave Earth,

and for those who wanted to visit Earth.”

The Lady Ariadne WynderMyre – 2025



AN UNUSUAL AND unique story. You’re given special insight into The WynderMyre Family Diaries. The behind-the-scenes. How they came to Earth. How they lived, loved and survived… Through the Centuries!

A High-Fantasy, Paranormal Romance from Family Diaries, New Adult Fiction. I am hopeful that you will enjoy the adventure and romance that Lady Trieste WynderMyre went through along with the origins of her Family, the Heliotrope Network, Seventh Heaven Universe and the Supernaturals.

Yours in Blood,

CeDany, BB, V-V!



LADY TRIESTE WYNDERMYRE, 19 years old, out of College on a year’s Sabbatical travelling around Italy. Well, that was the plan! She was hoping to find out more about herself (a Witch who’s powers came at 13 while at Boarding School). However, her trip would be cut short. A recall to resit an exam brings her back home with disappointment in her heart…

On her return, will she ever find out the questions to which no answers ever came? Yes! Her 20th birthday will bring discoveries of truths that were lies, and lies that were truths.

The WynderMyre Memoirs are said discoveries. The Family’s Diaries/Genealogy, an Ancestry that will reveal their nature here on Earth and surprisingly in Space… History or Origin of this Supernatural Family?

Regardless, it explains so much more than just Witchcraft stories heard throughout her younger years. The arrival of a Vampire brings about an adventure, a prophecy, romances and survival. Blessed be the blood, will take on a new meaning for Trieste, the Witch…


PROLOGUE – The Prophecy – Date Unknown…

AS IT HAS been promised, Trieste’s soul returned to Earth four Centuries later. She took her first breath in the centre of Northern Scotland. Following the Celestial Golden Beam that Ariadne foresaw within her Runes, they moved from Wales to Carrbridge, Scotland.

Ariadne knew that the time had come. Trieste was coming and there, her Mother hoped they would both find about The Prophecy. They remained in Scotland until 2025.

As my Ancestors are Supernaturals, Trieste sent me her Family Records from 3725 back to the 21st Century. I have written them down together, one after another to build the first Book Trieste-Her Journey and the second one Love Through the Centuries.

I am hopeful that you will enjoy the adventure and romance that Lady Trieste WynderMyre went through along with the origins of her Family, the Heliotrope Network, Seventh Heaven Universe and the Supernaturals.


Manny’s Day of Reckoning – 21 May 3725

AS MORNING DAWNED on our new home, I knew that today would be very sad for me. The 21 May 3725, should have been my wonderful husband and soul mate, simply another birthday in our extraordinary long lives… But no! After leaving Planet Earth in the year 2025, everything changed.

We had to leave and take the honourable position held until recently by The Fates. We knew then that the old rules that did not apply to Earth, would take hold of us here, in the Seventh Heaven Universe.

Needless to say, I did not look forward to it… But it is one law we could not change. It was part of the fabric of our existence. Born once and live for 2,500 years for a male and 5,000 years for a female, before facing the Day of Reckoning…

Speaking of Females, they still reign as Queens below us, as we are the Guardians of Destiny. It will all become clear later on… As Destiny One, we fought to bring peace and changes for the better, the Day of Reckoning was not one we could score off and wipe the slate clean.

So, it brings me to this day. As the light shone in the windows of Elementhal Castle, I just had time to be kissed by my loving husband, Grand Earl Manfredo HowlinWynd and Grand Baron Howlin for the last time, before his return in five years.

Let me introduce myself. I am half of this wonderful relationship and Prophecy, and known as Trieste, Grand Countess HowlinWynd and Grand Baroness Howlin, the official me!

I had been born with another Title of Grand Duchess Trieste WynderMyre, Fourth Grand Duchess of MesaByrd, Eighth Lady WynderMyre. Oh, but I dislike Titles and while growing up, I preferred to refer to myself as The Lady Trieste WynderMyre and since my wedding, The Lady Trieste HowlinWynd.

Explaining to you what The Day of Reckoning is, if I may… It happens on said birthday – what occurs? The one facing it turns into smoke and dissipates. The destination? Lost Souls City.

There, their entire existence is verified and if needed – sentence is past, if none required they are returned to our Universe and simply reappear the same way they had left in reverse.

Unfortunately for us – the ones who wait – five long years have passed. For the one facing The Reckoning, it is just a regular twelve hour day. But I’m getting ahead of myself – sorry!

Since I will be very lonely until Manny’s return, I will recount to you all of my Journey. Now, it’s based on my Mother’s Diaries – The Lady Ariadne and everyone else added bits and pieces.

I am the narrator for most of the stories, but, be advised that more than one family member tells them. It will be noted, above each part – if no name is present, then it is me telling it. Also, it covers the past, the present and the future.

The one in your hands (Trieste-Her Journey – From Dawn Until Forever!) is where all began. I hope you enjoy the many intricacies of my extended family and learn that, not all our kind are monsters and maybe truths you never knew…

I discovered most of this in 2010.

Yours in Blood,


BB, V-V!


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