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Freia the Bold Preveiw

By @Language_Artist


“Oh, CRISPY! Come to me!” I called desperately. If Crispy couldn’t come, I was stuck. I’d have to Find Elise, to ride Chylia. And Elise means Susanne. And Susanne means frustration. And Frustration means Anger. And Anger makes me leave so that would be a waste of a trip.

“Crispy, please! Come back!”

Crispy jumped through the forest, causing trees to snap in his wake. Glancing around, to make sure police weren’t watching, I put my saddle on him and took of. I had to find the Peach Stone. The Peach stone would give me and Crispy a home, at last. No war, no fights, no Susanne….I reached my leg down and it skimmed the treetops. I could never do that before. We flew past Elise, Chylia, and Kyra the unicorn, with Susanne lazing around. As we flew over her treehouse. Crispy leaned his head to the house, and breathed out some fire. Her house started burning, and we quickly flew away, up into the clouds.

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