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Freezing Cold

By @Shiba

Cold, so cold.


Burr, its really cold out.

Wish I had brought that sweater with me.

Man, I’m so stupid.

But you can’t change want you are, can you.

I feel the icy, brisk, freezing wind blow right through me.

I began to shiver terribly, I couldn’t stop.

Wish I had someone to warm up to, but luckily for me no one likes me.

And that makes me sad, thinking about that that.

But it can’t be helped, now can it.

Why did I have to go camping in the middle of the winter?

Oh… yeah, I remember now.

I wanted to see if I went missing that someone would find me.

But that won’t ever happen, cause I didn’t even tell anyone where I was going.

So… it looks like I’m screwed, screwed for life.

And I don’t mind that.

I put my hand into the freezing white snow.

It felt cold, but at the same time it felt as if there was some sort of warmth to it.

Was that my imagination? I don’t know.

As I sat there criticizing myself, I suddenly knew that I’d wish for death upon this mountain of whiteness.

I also knew that no one would ever think to look up here before I die.

No one would think I’d be crazy enough to camp up here, well I guess their wrong.

I move my fingers to fix my ponytail, I pull on it.

My fingers….. they….. they’ve got no feeling in them.

I guess there now numb, great…. soon I’ll be dead.

But then no one will ever miss me, and I’m glad at that.

But before I die, I know that I’ll never ever get a boyfriend.

Because….. I’m not the kind of girl that boys look for, and I’m also glad of that too.

I see the footsteps of that boy who left me, he left me here to die.

He told me and I quote” I’m going to see if there’s anyone to help us, okay?”

I knew that meant he was leaving me here, but that doesn’t mean that I was right though.

But it’s been quite a few hours since that happened, and he hasn’t come back.

Why? Why does this always happen to me?

Must be that I’m so freaking weak, I guess that’s it.

I hate that feeling, that I’m weak.

I don’t want to be weak, I want to be strong.

But I can’t when every boy I like, leaves me behind to die.

That breaks my heart, but my heart won’t be broken every time.

This guy, I really did like.

Well, he’s probably already dead.

Since its a two hours to get to town, and since its snowing.

It’ll take more hours to get there, and since he left his coat here.

He’s most likely dead, and I’m happy cause of that.

But I still feel sorry for him, despite what he did to me.

As I close my eyes, I feel my life slipping away from me.

I can’t go on anymore, I’ll just die.

I whisper “Well, I guess I’ll die without having my first kiss. Bye my family and my friends.”

Then I grew quiet, my body grew cold and numb.

My skin felt like ice, and my pulse was totally gone.

I was really gone, I was actually dead.

I guess the freezing cold got to me.

Freezing coldness.

The Freezing cold.

Freezing cold is what I’ll ever see.

Freezing cold.

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