Free Verse Poetry: Unexpected Love

By @Joyous_One

Free Verse Poetry: Unexpected Love

By @Joyous_One

Free verse poetry about nervous, scared and shy love that's unexpected.

Chapter 1

Gathering within a pool of


I feel anxiety and loneliness.

For they rush on through,

Uttering disgrace through their

rotten teeth.

Pleasingly so I keep to myself,

Crossing my path with ease.

Of course there are the sudden

jolts through my days, but I look

upon the ground.

I mumble ” sorry”,

And scurry away.

But one day was unlike the


A person klutzy as it can be

rammed along my side,

Sending aside my things in a


The person too like me


For their faults.

However, their eyes crinkled

with happiness and looked so


giving me a jolt through my

beat less heart,

Casting aside some drakness

that clouded my awareness.

With their sudden appearance

at the given time,

I looked upon them eyes and

hinted a smile.

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