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Free Verse Poetry: The Silence

By @Joyous_One

The waves turn into a roaring mass,

Crashing down along the man made dotted line.

Expressions blank, no reply.

The earth shakes within the core, for more than a hour.

Oh how the universe works, the gravity of it all.

The dankly appearance given, concerns of two forces of nature.

The strong concealed earth and the mighty sea, for they collided again.

Perhaps in worst shape than before, the lonely longing of one another.

How dreadful it can be to be on either side, casting out provoking thoughts not verbalized.

Making harden times more agonizing, without saying a word.

Nothing is said….

With the footsteps that will soon follow.

For the sea always rides the waves back to earth, for she can never live without.

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