Free Verse Poetry: May 25, 2015

By @Joyous_One

Free Verse Poetry: May 25, 2015

By @Joyous_One

Free verse poetry about future plans of love and dreams.

Chapter 1

Love is all we have,

For I see you and I together forever within our hearts.

Lasting after life itself.

While it time,

We cast love among our children.

Son and daughter we’ll have.

Holding hands as one day,

Our children take flight,

Crying happy tears as they graduate.

While we still last long,

As they past along in life.

For they see beauty and inspiration,

Within us and look up to us.

For one day they too wish for true love,

Which we hold and will forever hold,

You my love are all I have,

For now I hope to spend my days and nights,

With you till the very end.

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