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Forgotten Things

By @turntechbandkid_

The Darkest of Reds

Listening to that melody

Brings me to tears.

I remember a time when

He was still here.

Singing, Dancing, Laughing.

It made me full of joy.

I loved him then

And I love him now.

Yet, he’s gone.

Nothing can be done.

It causes me sarrow.

Heartbreak. . . .

He may be gone,

But at least he isn’t suffering.

That’s what makes me happy,

Happy he’s doing better.

That song

It makes me a mushy mess.

It has a lot of meaning,

Bringing back old-happy-memories.

From when he wasstill here,

From when I was young.

This was the last song

He heard before he left.

He and my dad exchanged

Verses about 3 days

Before he passed.

He passed of cancer,

Hadslipped into a coma.

I was 9 years old,

It was my first HUGE

Heartbreak, I felt empty.

I was too depressed to

Go to his funeral.

But now that I’m older

I regret not going.

I love him and

Always will.

The reason I’m in tears,

Is because of the colour Red.

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