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By @KiaEmily112

Chapter 1


“No, wait, stop!!! Please don’t hurt my mom. She doesn’t deserve it. She’s an amazing woman.” I grip his leg and he kicks me.

“She made a deal with a power supernatural that even I, a Prince of Mashad cannot fix. I have come to claim the prize. That prize my dear, is you. You must sign the blood oath. You must full fill the contract if you would like your mother to live.” He sighs and a look of sorrow and sympathy crosses his face. “I will not hurt your mother but, if you don’t sign the contract your mother will die.”

“End of Vision”

“Evana?” My friend Arianna waves her hand in front of my face concerned. “Where’d you go just then?” I wave my hand at her.

“It was nothing I was just dozing off. I’m tired.”

“Well, if you ever need anything you know you can tell me right?” She places a hand over mine giving me a look of sympathy.

“Yeah I know. Don’t worry, I would tell you if anything was wrong. You’re my best friend Arianna. You would be the first to know.” I say softly.

“Alright well, if you’re that tired. I think you should go home and get some rest for work tomorrow. Don’t want you falling asleep waitressing in roller skates.” She giggles.

“Okay bye Arianna.” I get up from the table and lay down a twenty. “Here’s my part of the share.” She waves a hand dismissively.

“No, no, no. I got it. You need that money way more than I do. You have your mom’s bills to pay for.”

“Come on Ari. Just this one time? I never pay for lunch anymore.” I beg.

“Nope. Now get going before it gets too dark for you to be walking outside alone.”

“Alright fine Ari. See you tomorrow.” I turn around and walk away.

I was just about home when I heard a noise come from the sidewalk across from me. A sound of something snapping. I had already been on edge because of the vision I had while spending time with Ari. My heartbeat started to raise and I swear you could hear it from a mile away. I looked behind me and across from me feeling a presence of someone watching but, no one was there.

“Ari?” I squint my eyes to try and see across the road where I thought I saw a figure standing. “Is that you?” But just as quick as I had asked that question the figure was gone. I picked up my pace and as quickly as I had done it I was home. I walked up to the door and found my key under the doormat and turned the knob.

“Mom? You home?” I shout walking into the living room.

“I’m upstairs folding laundry baby. How was hanging out with Ari?” I walk up the stairs and to the right into my mothers’ room.

“It was good. We went shopping and then went out for food.”

“That’s good honey I’m glad to hear it.” She smiled a bright smile that could light up a whole room. I stayed quiet for a minute.

“I had another vision.” She continues to fold laundry but, you could see her eyes went dark.

“What was it about sweetheart?” Tears started to form in my eyes and I said

“Someone’s going to come and take you from me. I will plead and beg for them not to but, there will be nothing I can do to stop them from it.” She looks up and walks over to embrace me.

“Oh baby. Don’t cry. It’s going to be alright. Listen I think it’s time I told you.” She leads me over to her bed and sits down.

“Told me what?” I ask confused.

“Well, to start, 17 years ago your father, you, and I were driving down the road when we saw a figure standing in the road. Your father swerved off the road to try and not hit the person who was there but, drove us into a ditch. Your father did not survive, nor did you.”


“You died Eve and I did what had to be done to keep you alive.”

“Well, then explain what you did because it seems pretty serious.”

“Alright…anyway so, after I got myself out of the car. I was badly injured and I knew you and your father were dead. I pulled you out of the car and wept over you. You were only a few weeks old. While I was crying a man appeared out of nowhere asking if I wanted to bring you back to life. That there was another way to make you live again. I told him that I would do anything to bring you back to life as long as I could see you grow up and he said well then sign this contract. I asked him what would happen if I signed it. He said if you sign this contract your daughter will live the rest of her life. However, when she is 17 I will be back to claim her as a princess of Mashad. She will marry one of my sons and they will become King and Queen of my world. I fear that I am dying and I need an heir to my throne. She will rotate every two weeks for a year with my sons decide on which prince shall be the next king. There is one downfall to this though. You will have to go…unstable for a moment of time until she agrees to go with one of my sons.”

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