By @Everwood98

Blake and Erin meet but he knows so much more than she does. He knows everything and she needs the answers. She wants to know why she sees so many colours surrounding every person she sees except him and he wants to tell her everything about her past but he can't. Powers beyond his control stop him and he must decide whether to save her or tell her everything.

Chapter 1


I knew I was looking in the right place, I could feel her. She didn’t know what it was but she could feel me to. How do I explain this to her? How do I explain how I know her, what she has to do and all the times we have failed to do it. She doesn’t remember. Not yet anyway.

I walk through the gates of the school. The fence was towering over the students like a cage mean to hold the worst animals, the ones that you can’t get to close to. I could almost relate. The dry green field stretched for what seemed like miles as if to make them think they have some element of freedom when they are actually stuck in this pit for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for the next 7 years of their lives. It was sad really. Everything about this place seemed muted and dull. Everyone wearing the same black jumpers and white collars peeking through. Smart, clean and uniform. I don’t know how it didn’t drive every single person in here to madness. I hope I wasn’t stuck here for long and she remembers quickly, not only did I hate this place but we needed her. She needed us before they found her and I would lose her again for … I don’t know how long.

That’s when I saw her. Leaning against the wall of a brown dirty building. Her long blonde hair tucked away under a black beanie and a long black coat that fit her perfectly. She was staring at me, a need lurking in the back of her eyes and her brows furrowed with obvious confusion. She felt it. She knew she needed to talk to me but didn’t know why. When she noticed me looking back she quickly diverted her gaze and looked down at the floor. I would have gone over but a giddy girl with short black hair bounced over to her and pulled her inside of the building. I needed to speak to her get her out of here.

I walked to reception to sign myself in as a new student but just as my hand touched the handle I felt a force pull me back and around a corner to where it was secluded and quiet. When I turned around I saw her, had she remembered already? Confusion and fear stood in her eyes. She rubbed her hands together as if she was searching for a way to ask me something. I stood still waiting probably for too long as she stopped still and stared right at me a question hanging on her tongue.

“Who are you?” She quizzed but before I could answer she went on “or more to the point what are you?” I was confused and flustered; she had never started like this. Had they already got to her? Was it too late?

“What do you mean ‘what am I?’ ” I stared into her eyes hoping I hadn’t lost her already and the flecks of green and yellow in her blue eyes told me she was still herself.

“Look this is going to sound crazy if I’m wrong but I know your not like everyone else so I can only hope you’re like me in which case I need help, please?” Her eyes begged me. What did she know? How did she know if they hadn’t found her yet? She shook her head and then took a step back ” I’m Erin by the way, I’m sorry for being so blunt and straight to the point but seriously, please?” She stuck her hand straight out and waited for me to take it . She was just as quirky and demanding as always and never ceased to surprise me. I pressed my hand in to hers and she started to shake it nervously. Her hand felt cold and stiff like she was scared or excited, I couldn’t tell.

“Blake” I replied and looking at her I could see her relief that I didn’t call her crazy or walk away.

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