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FNAF Fanfiction (Based on my fantheories) [Incomplete]

By @DoodleCat1038

Chapter Six

Elizabeth and her father were silent on the way home. Elizabeth looked gloomly out of the window of the car. Swirling colors sped past, mostly green from the trees they passed by. When they entered the house, Elizabeth looked around for Chris. He was nowhere to be seen. Mike, however, was in the living room laying on the couch. He was doing something on his phone. “Where’s Chris?” Elizabeth asked curiously. “Dunno. Go ask his stupid toy.” Mike mumbled. Confused, Elizabeth made her way to Chris’s room. “Chris?” She knocked on the door. There was a startled gasp on the other side. “Elizabeth!” Chris cried. She turned the door knob and tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t open. Something was in the way. “It’s blocked.” Chris said. Elizabeth looked down to see what was in the way. There was a heavy metal box filled with robot parts. Daddy uses that to hold parts for animatronics. Elizabeth though. Mike must’ve taken it. Hopefully he asked first or else daddy will be very angry. Elizabeth tried to pick it up but it was too heavy. “I can’t move it!” She said. “Go tell daddy!” Chris whimpered. “B-but, you know he won’t care!” Elizabeth reminded him. “Please!” Chris begged. “Okay, I’ll be back, stay here!” Elizabeth told him and ran off to the garage. Seriously? “Stay here?” It’s not like he’s gonna go anywhere anyway. She opened the door. “Daddy!” She said, rushing in. He was at his desk, working on new animatronics, kind of how Baby started out. Just an endoskeleton arm. “Yes, Elizabeth?” He said, screwing in several spots on the arm. “Chris is trapped in his room because of Mike who took your metal box which is blocking the door!” She said really fast.

“Oh, you found my box? Can you bring it to me?” Her father asked her. “I can’t move it!” Elizabeth replied. 

“Then ask Mike to help you.” 

“Mike isn’t going to listen! He put it there to trap Chris in his room!”

With a sigh, her father got up, his chair scraping along the concrete floor, and walked past Elizabeth to leave the room and deal with the situation himself.

They both walked out of the garage and made their way to Chris’s room. The box wasn’t there. They looked around and saw Mike carrying it to the garage. They caught up with him at the door.

“What’s going on?” Elizabeth demanded. 

“I found this box outside Chris’s room. Just thought I’d take it back to the garage where it belongs.” Mike said with a smirk.

“Liar! You put it there!” Elizabeth yelled. 

“Elizabeth, stop yelling.” Their father said. “Mike, thank you for finding my box. Elizabeth, however, it’s not nice to trap Chris in your room and blame it on Mike. Be nice.” Their father said, looking proudly at Mike, and glaring with disappointment and annoyance at Elizabeth. 

As Mike and Elizabeth left, Mike pushed her and then started running to the couch. Chris tripped him as Mike looked back to stick his tongue out at Elizabeth. He fell on his stomach and bit his tongue. Blood dripped from his mouth as he got up, and stared at Chris with hate. “You jerk!” He exclaimed angrily. “You deserve it and you know it!” Chris said with a narrow expression. Elizabeth approached, and stuck her tongue out at Mike, who grumbled and walked away, not looking back at them.

The rest of the day Elizabeth and Chris got many angry looks from Mike. He made sure they knew just how angry he was. No doubt he was planning something evil. 

When it was getting darker outside, Chris got really scared. “Goodnight Chris!” Elizabeth said, heading for her room. Chris hurried to catch up to her. “I’m too scared to sleep in my room! What if Mike does something while I’m asleep?” He cried. 

It was becoming a habit of Chris visiting Elizabeth’s room and falling asleep there. (nobody take that the wrong way…plz…) But it made Chris feel safe, and Elizabeth didn’t mind because she had to admit that it made her feel safe too. 

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