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FNAF Fanfiction (Based on my fantheories) [Incomplete]

By @DoodleCat1038

Chapter Four

It had been a few weeks since Elizabeth had seen the animatronic, and she thought it would be complete by now. Her father made sure to keep the door closed and locked, especially when he was gone, and she couldn’t find out anything by listening. Her father promised it to be done by her birthday. Well, today was her birthday and everything seemed normal besides her father having come home later than usual last night.

Elizabeth had woken up extra early, setting her alarm clock to 6:00 A.M. which was around the time her father woke up for work each day. Now she sat at the kitchen table eating cereal with him for the first time she can remember. She had to admit, it was awkward. “So daddy… I was wondering when you’d have my robot ready?” Elizabeth asked after a little while. “I’ll let you know when.” Her father responded. Then he left for work like a normal day. 

Elizabeth waited in her living room on the couch the whole day, listening out in case her father came home early to tell her the animatronic was ready. Unfortunately, that meant having to listen to Mike bullying Chris. “Guys, please be quiet!” She scolded when Mike jumped out at Chris. Chris cried out, scared. “I’m trying to read!”

 “S-stop!” Chris cried, curling up into a ball on the floor and crying. “MIke, please.” Elizabeth said, putting down her book and getting up from the couch. She put a hand on his shoulder. He swatted it away. “Don’t dare touch me!” He growled. “Mike, you can’t keep acting like this all the time.” Elizabeth told him. “Says who?” Mike taunted. “Says me! When I get my robot it’s going to be very nice and never talk to you! You’ll never even get to see it!” She shot back. “Well, I don’t care about your stupid robot! I hope it kills  you!” Mike shouted. Elizabeth gasped and Chris stopped crying. “H-how could you s-say that?” Chris asked shakily.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes, then went to kneel beside Chris, who faced away from them, laying on his side on the floor. “Chris,” Elizabeth said softly. He turned over to face her. “Let’s go.” She said, offering a hand. He took it and got up. Then, they walked away to her room, leaving Mike staring after them with anger.

Elizabeth shut the door gently behind them after they entered. She got onto her bed and Chris copied so that they were side by side and he was leaning against her again. 

He started to cry once more. “W-why?” Chris mumbled. Elizabeth knew what he meant. Poor Chris. “A lot has happened. Some people just handle their anger and sadness differently.” She answered, hugging him. “Like daddy?” Chris asked. “Yes, like daddy.” Elizabeth sighed. 

“Did Mike mean what he said?” Chris wiped away his tears. “No. Of course he didn’t. People say things they don’t mean when they are angry.” ELizabeth answered. Except Mike’s angry all the time and it’s hard to tell if he means what he says sometimes. Elizabeth thought with a doubt. Chris hugged her back, and they stayed like that for a long while. 

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