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FNAF Fanfiction (Based on my fantheories) [Incomplete]

By @DoodleCat1038

Chapter Three

Elizabeth woke up to the sound of a loud whirring. She yawned and felt something leaning against her. It took her a second to remember it was Chris, and she looked at him. He was still asleep. Elizabeth gently leaned him on the wall and quietly got out of bed. Her door was left open, so she didn’t have to worry about being too loud opening it. She glanced at her clock. 5:15 A.M. She left the room and slowly made her way to the garage, the source of the whirring sound. Why is he up this early? Elizabeth thought.

Elizabeth approached the door, which this time was left wide open. Her father was at his desk, working on something that was more of what it was yesterday. Now the arm was attached to a torso and another arm was on the other side. It appeared that her father was now making the neck that would eventually attach to a head of sorts. 

This early in the making, it was impossible to tell what the project was supposed to be, but Elizabeth already knew it was an animatronic. Her father loved making robots and animatronics. They usually didn’t work, and those ones he had to scrap. Elizabeth watched him test out a robot dog once, Lucky (she named him that herself). Well, Lucky wasn’t lucky at all. Elizabeth watched her father activate Lucky and nothing happened. So her father violently took him apart and threw him away. Elizabeth thought the robots could feel, and started crying. That’s when she stopped watching her father work on the animatronics he makes.

“What is that one going to be?” Elizabeth asked, staying in the doorway. Her father was strict about keeping distance while he worked. Not looking at her, he said, “This one is a surprise. It’s going to be for you.” 

Elizabeth gasped and a smile spread across her face. “F-for me?” She exclaimed. “Uh-huh.” Her father said. Wow this is amazing! Maybe he did change! He’s never made something for me before! Elizabeth thought.

Maybe he’ll apologize about yesterday too. She stood there for a few minutes, watching him from a distance. Her father seemed unaware of her presence and paid no attention. Elizabeth sneezed suddenly. “Why are you still standing there? Don’t you have anything better to do?” Her father mumbled, annoyed. “Uh, sorry. I just thought that maybe you’d apologize about yesterday.” She explained. “For what?” He asked. Are you serious? Elizabeth let out a sigh. “Nothing…” She answered before leaving. 

Elizabeth didn’t usually brag, but she couldn’t keep the robot to herself. She told Mike, who seemed to care very little but she knew he was jealous, and Chris who didn’t bother concealing his jealousy as hard as Mike did. She told everyone at school, most of them just rolled their eyes. 

Everyday Elizabeth couldn’t wait to see how much progress was made on the new animatronic. Her new animatronic. Her father was often still at work when she came home from school, mostly because he had two long jobs, so she would go into the garage and talk to her robot, though it never talked back. 

Each morning there would be something new on the animatronic, such as another layer of endoskeleton or legs (in which it resulted in having to build the rest of the animatronic on the ground) or even things like an icecream maker. Unfortunately, it never got easier to guess what the robot would become.

Today the robot’s endoskeleton was going to be done. Like usual, Elizabeth rushed to the garage to see her animatronic. The door was open, as if greeting her inside. She came in and saw that the animatronic was moved from the floor and onto the table, standing up. Still, she could not tell what it was supposed to be.

Her father wasn’t in sight. “Daddy!” Elizabeth called out. Her father emerged from a storage room on the further side of the garage and walked over to the desk carrying a closed cardboard box. “Daddy it’s magnificent! ” Elizabeth exclaimed, pointing to the animatronic. It looked a little creepy she had to admit, but nonetheless she loved it. “Can you tell me what it is now? And what’s in that box?” 

“No, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to figure what it is out yourself! After today, you cannot see the project until it is done. In this box holds the finishing touches.” Her father said, gently setting the box on his desk, which there was barely space for. Elizabeth groaned. Wonder how long that’s gonna take…

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