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Flying Timepass!!

By @Ree


While being in flights I love observing people sitting next to me. Its interesting to see how they pass their time. For some it’s straightforward and I would say they are blessed, who just go to sleep. They snore, they make all kind of noises, mouth open or closed they don’t care, it is indeed freedom.

While there are some like me who cannot fall asleep in a flight what do we do ? Now this is not me but my observations which I found really amusing.

Sitting next to me is an old man who is just playing with his fingers, must have been his childhood pass time. Ok few minutes into that he is staring at the light which is enlightening my table as I am reading. Oh wait! Now the light has led him into my book, he is trying to read and understand what the hell I am reading and probably judge me which is every human being’s favourite time pass. Ok seems like judgement is passed and now he is playing oh sorry caressing the seat table, must be thinking how smooth it is vs his hairy skin which he touched right after touching that plastic seat table.

Lets look at other tables a bit as well who are within my sight, sleeping. Ok next, thinking something and smiling. Must be excited about what she is going to do once she is back in the signal world. I would have been excited about eating some delicious food for sure. Next, musical nirvana. Next, looking out of the window when it’s all dark, don’t laugh or judge here. Darkness gives you the maximum bandwidth to think as there is no visual obstacle.

Time check and finally pilot announces the arrival and everyone takes a sigh of relief. But wait mind is still working rather strategising, how to be the first one to jump out of the plane. That also when you are sitting on a window seat which you were excited about earlier now you just realised, its a trap.

Thoughts over! Start of the new loop…

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