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Chapter One - Hatching


In the Kingdom of the Sand, a dragonet was about to hatch. “She’ll be raised a RainWing.” Said Clementine with the undertone of a hiss. “I’ll not have my daughter raised in that stinking, hot pit you call the rainforest! Her name’ll be Dragonbite and she’ll be a proper SandWing!” Growled Cacti. “She’ll not be exposed to your cutthroat way of life!” Yelled Clementine. Cacti’s voice turned deadly calm. “Try and stop me, dear Clementine.” He slashed his lover across the nose with his barb and flew off as fast as death by heat stroke, taking the egg with him. As he flew, little Dragonbite’s egg began to crack…

Steam and Spring


A year later, Hawk was curled around her egg in her cave in the Sky Kingdom. She hated the egg’s father with all her heart, but… she couldn’t shake her feeling of maternal pride. She’d raise little Steam and love her, and she’d murder that cursed Fin if she ever saw him- suddenly Hawk heard talons knocking on the door. She quickly stuffed the egg under a carpet. “Come in!” Her good friend Skyscraper walked through the door. “Hey, Skyscraper…” “Hey, Hawk. Uh.. what are you doing? You’ve been in your room for ages.” Hawk began chatting with her and leading her subtly away from her room. Her voice had a nearly undetectable nervous edge as she led Skyscraper from the room, still talking, whilst underneath the carpet, Steam’s egg started to shake…


Just two days later, in the Kingdom of the Sea, Fin had a forbidden egg in his talons and was swimming fast to somewhere secluded to hide it before the thing hatched. The part-SkyWing was off his talons, Steam was her mother’s worry now- it was the part-RainWing he had to worry about. It was her egg he was holding. Curse that Iguana. Leaving him with their only egg… of course, he hadn’t been much better with Hawk… two failed romances. Two mutant children. Will you ever be able to do anything right? Fin shook his head, jarring himself out of his thoughts. He would most certainly make sure Spring knew that she was defective, an abomination, a curse. He swam faster as the egg, in his talons, began to crack.


Floe was curled around her egg in the ruins of the old Night Kingdom. Curse that Shadowwalker. The handsome NightWing had come to visit the Ice Kingdom with a crew of four others. He’d wooed her. They’d met in secret, but when he found out she was with egg, he left. Said he wouldn’t be caught dead claiming any hybrid. She growled, the smallest puff of frostbreath leaving her mouth. How she longed to use it on his smug face. She took a deep, calming breath and focused on her love for Reaper, her little dragonet that was about to hatch. She’d raise him here, where there was plenty of prey in the mountains and you could see the stars. She couldn’t face the humiliation of returning to her tribe. As she looked up at the one crescent moon, Reaper’s egg began to hatch…


Clay and Peril were in a cave in the Sky Kingdom, curled around little Bronze’s egg. They’d decided on the name together. And Peril was terrified. “What if-” “Peril. He’ll be the most loved dragonet in Pyrrhia, firescales or no, because he’ll be considerate and kind, loyal and sweet. What else could he possibly be, with you as his mother?” Said Clay. Peril gave a wan grin. “I just… worry.” “I know you do, sweetheart, but you don’t need too. Bronze will be wonderful. I know it. Oh, look-!” “Is he hatching?” “Yes!” “Oh, three moons-” “Peril.”

And they watched as Bronze’s egg began to quiver…

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