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By @BL-Copperman

Past (3)

Lukey’s Perspective.

The rest of the night and morning passes in a dull blur, streaked with tears and meaningless accusations. My head throbs with a sharp pain, however, I attempt to ignore it and focus on the problem at hand.

I spread my hands against the cool, marble kitchen counter and mutter to myself. Think, Lukey, think. Who could have murdered Liza?

There’s Jojo, but I’d already ruled him out. There is Mary but, she too, had been ruled out until further notice.

Dan is a suspect, but would he really murder someone with his brother still looking up to him?

Then there’s Annie. What do I know about her? Not much, but Mary seems to trust her.

There are also Lara and Jo, the new girls, but, once again, I don’t know enough about them to accuse them.

Sabrina and Elaina seemed dead shocked and even got sick after they saw the body, there is no way it’s one of them.

Jackson is good friends with Mary, he wouldn’t kill her cousin out of cold-blood, I knew him too well.

That leaves Alex and Charlie. Alex, the mysterious boy that doesn’t hold grudges, and Charlie, the crime and horror enthusiast that has no legacy to live up to, because his brother takes care of that for him.

Charlie, the boy no one knows much about, because his brother speaks up for him.

Charlie, the quiet one.

Charlie, the shy one.




A/N Sorry it’s so short! I have writers block, so the next updates will be shorter, but *hopefully* more frequent! Do you think it actually IS Charlie? If not, who?

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