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By @BL-Copperman

Past (1)

Lukey’s Perspective.

The moment the lights went out, I heard someone shriek. My heart raced, but I scolded myself almost immediately. Getting scared at a time like this was childish. Power outages are common.

The others, it seems, are not nearly as calm. People are whispering to each other in exaggerated, hushed voices, some too scared to even move.

“What just happened?!”

“Where’s the light?”

“Who did that?”

There’s a loud thud as someone clambers for the light switch, only to unleash a loud sigh.

“Guys, someone must’ve messed with the electrical box.” I hear Mary explain. “Stay calm, I’ll get the lantern.”

A long silence ensues before she adds, “And I have security cameras. I WILL find out who did this and personally deal with them later.”

A few people breathe sighs of relief, and I am among them. I am still alert, however, as I sit rigid and observe my surroundings. I remember that Jackson had excused himself to the bathroom a few minutes before, but I had personally seen him walk into the room, so that lowered my suspicions towards him.

It couldn’t have been Mary either, she seemed truly annoyed when the lights had been cut.

I also mentally ruled Jojo out, as I could see his form slouched on the other end of the couch.

Now all that I could do was wait for the lights to come back on, and for Mary to come back with her lantern.

I can make out a soft whimper from my left side and I whip my head around to figure out the source. There’s a faint thud and I can hear Dan exclaim “What was THAT?!”

He’s followed by his brother, who whispers, “This isn’t funny guys…”

A loud clattering of something metallic behind us turns the remaining people around, and we see a form slip back among us, as the lights flick, flick back on.

A/N: Aah, so sorry for not uploading, I forgot that this story existed *continues to scold self* anyways, I hope you enjoyed the update, even though it was cut a bit short and rushed. New chapter, new perspective! I was originally going to do this in Jackson’s, but this way, we get a bit more of “Past” then Jackson would’ve given. Who do you think died?

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