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By @BL-Copperman

The (4)

Jackson’s Perspective.

After an hour or so, everyone has arrived, and we finally introduce ourselves.

“As you all know, I’m Mary. I invited you all here because I wanted to have a get together with my friends, but if you ever need to leave, just let me know. Jojo, why don’t you introduce yourself first and we’ll go around the room?” Mary concludes before sitting down on the carpet.

Jojo nods and grins. “’Sup everyone, I’m Jojo, but you can call me the vibe checker.”

I shake my head. “Dude, no. No one wants to call you the vibe checker.” This earns a few laughs from the others and Jojo lets out a “Hmph.” before the next person speaks.

“Hey everyone, I’m Dan.” he wraps his arm around his brother. “And this is my brother, Charlie.”

Charlie becomes flushed with embarrassment and quietly says what I think is: “I can introduce myself…” 

His brother nods and nudges him. “Sure you can.”

Next to them, Annie folds her hands in her lap. “I’m Annie Brazier. This introduction thing is stupid, so that’s all I have to say.”

Lukey laughs, his sound like that of a songbird. “Such a shame you two don’t get along,” he whispers into my ear. “She seems like a funny person.”

I roll my eyes, but I’m not annoyed. It’s my turn to introduce myself, so I say, “I’m Jackson, Mary’s friend from Elementary through High School, so if you guys need any embarrassing stories about her, come to me.” I chuckle.

Mary whips around like she wants to attack me and I raise my hands up to feign surrender. “Joking, I’m joking!”

I’m about to lay back against the couch when something comes flying at my head and hits me in the jaw. It’s not very hard, and when I look down, it’s a decorative pillow, one like those on the sides of the couch. I turn to the other end of the couch but Jojo looks just as surprised as I am. I feel some sort of heated glare coming from Annie. Come to think of it, she might’ve reached over to get the pillow.

“Enough with the overly long introductions! We don’t want to be saying our entire life stories until midnight, dang it! Just say your name and move on!” she cries out, running her fingers through her hair, as if it was an angry habit of her’s.

“Okay, okay, geez, message received, Shortcake.” I groan, and fling the pillow back at her. “Next time, maybe try asking first?”

She immaturely sticks her tongue out at me, and I sigh. This is going to be fun.

Lukey, as if sensing the angry energy waves going between us two, jumps in. “Well, I’m Lukey.” There is a small chorus of “hi Lukey”’s before the next person speaks.

“I’m Lara.” says a tall girl with long pastel pink hair and white overalls that go down to her knees, with a small rainbow print on the front pocket.

Next to her is a girl with a bronze skin tone who’s wearing a headband with two springy broken hearts attached to it and a striped red and green shirt, who, if I had to describe her at the moment, the word would be ‘quirky’. “Marley Holland.”

I feel Lukey’s body go rigid, and so does mine. Marley Holland was the name of our class president in the early years of high school. The girl who had promised she’d raise awareness to bullying but never did. The girl who had stood by and watched as everything happened, without ever telling anyone to stop. But dang, she’s changed. Her eyes seem more tired, and she looks less… cheerful. But hey, if anyone deserves to be unhappy, it’s Marley Holland.


Thank you for reading! To clarify, this story was made as of the time the game only had Survivor, Psychic, Medic, Investigator, and Murderer. There were no “good” or “evil” teams and no Muffin Man or Twins. We’re getting into some backstories, yay!! Hopefully soon you’ll be able to piece together the “incident” but it’ll be fully clear around the end. We are nearing the end of “The” and shall soon be moving on to “Past”!

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