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By @BL-Copperman

The (2)

Jackson Perspective.

I glance behind me and catch a glimpse of strawberry color hair before skinny beige arms wrap around Charlie. “Char, you made it!”

Charlie ducks and blushes. “Y-yeah.”

Dan nods his head in a greeting to the newest arrival. “Hey, Annie.”

Annie, so this is the girl who was in the bathroom moments ago. I think to myself before extending my hand in a welcome. “I’m Jackson. Nice to meet you.”

The girl enthusiastically grabs my hand and shakes it up and down. “Annie Brazier. I’m Mary’s neighbor and Charlie’s-” she glances over at him and he hides his face behind his brother, “girlfriend.” she looks me up and down with bright eyes and says flat-out, as if she is stating common knowledge; “You look like a banana.”

Jojo unleashes a roar of laughter and Dan doubles over. Charlie is shaking whilst quietly cracking up. Mary slaps her knee and lets out a chuckle.

Dude, you totally do!” Jojo howls, and returns to hysterically laughing. “With that un-freaking-natural yellow hair and suit, you’re a total banana!”

“Yeah, yeah, laugh at my pain. It was a lost bet, okay?” I growl, but I’m having a hard time containing my smile.

There’s a beep behind us and we all turn around at the same time. There’s a gray sedan that is parking in the driveway. Mary turns to face me. “Jackson, I think that’s Lukey. Do you want to go say hi privately? We can wait for you inside.” She says, fiddling with the sleeve of her white Patagonia shirt.

I shift uncomfortably for the first time that day. “Um, it’s okay, you don’t really need to…”

Mary nods and waves the others inside; I guess my eyes said enough. “C’mon people, move it. There’s chips on the counter.”

Once everyone is gone I start down the front steps. And there he is. Stepping out of his car into the walkway. He lifts his syrup-y brown eyes upward and they meet my own. He doesn’t recognize me at first, I can tell from the way he tilts his head. “I’m sorry, do you know a Mary Cl-”

“Lukey,” I say quietly. “It’s me.”

He seems to know my voice, even after all these years, because his eyes flood with recognition and he stands a little straighter. “J-Jackson?”


He brushes his floppy hair out of his eyes and starts to move forward gradually. “I- I’m sorry I haven’t called you, I meant to, I just-”

“You were scared, I know. That’s completely my fault. I swear I never meant for that to happen-” I apologize, fiddling with the cuff of my jacket.

“Mary told me. It was an honest mistake, we both interpreted it wrong,” Lukey gazes up at me. He’s definitely changed in the past few years. He’s gotten tall, more slender. His hair has a few black streaks in it now, not just its original brunette color, and his style is more unique. The old Lukey would never have worn overalls over a hoodie, he would’ve been too self-conscious. Even if what happened was horrible, maybe some good did come out of it. He seems to be a much more open guy.

“Can we please be… at least friends again?” I ask him, my voice cracking on ‘friends’. “We’re going to be here all night anyways, but I can always leave if I make you uncomforta-”

I’m suddenly wrapped in a warm embrace. I look down and Lukey is hugging me, his head buried in my shoulder. I raise my hands cautiously and put them on his back. I missed him so much.

“Jackson, you don’t make me uncomfortable,” Lukey says, or at least, I think that’s what he says. His face is pressed into my shoulder, so his voice is muffled. “It was all a mistake. I still care about you.”

I rest my hand gently in his soft, fluffy hair, and it’s just like how we used to be. “Yeah.” I say quietly. “It was all a mistake.”


Thanks for reading! Ehehe I decided to add in a little bit of romance after all. Turns out I quite enjoy writing gore-y romance stories, haha. Also to any of you that do play Flicker and may be offended by the couples in this story, I want to let you know I don’t ship most of them either, heh. These just kind of got added after I already had the storyline, and it was too late to change the characters out. Author’s Question: What do you think about Annie? She’s quite the character, isn’t she?

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