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By @BL-Copperman

The (1)

Jackson’s Perspective.

I rap my knuckle on the glass exterior of the door. Bang bang bang. As I reach to knock for the fourth time, the door is swung open, slamming where my body was just seconds before. 

“Jackson, I swear to the high heavens, knock on the door one more time and you will end up in a hospital by the end of the night.” growls a familiar face in the doorway. 

I slide past her, inviting myself in. “Nice house you got here, Mary.” Sliding my finger through the back of my shoe, I take it off and place it, along with its counterpart, on the cheery yellow welcome mat. “So who all is coming?”

Mary leans against the doorframe, eyeing me from behind her prescription sunglasses. “Annie is already here, she’s in the bathroom.” her jet black ponytails bobbing as she moves her shoulders in a gesture behind her. “A new friend of mine, Lara, she’ll be coming soon. There’ll also be Lukey, Charlie and Dan, Jojo, my cousin Liza, and a few others, including some other new friends from the neighborhood and Uni.”

“Hold up, Lukey Evans? Our friend from Elementary? I haven’t seen him in ages!” I exclaim.

“That’s the guy.” Mary smiles. “Found him on Insta a while back, we’ve been chatting ever since.”

“I missed him. He was a nice guy, you know.” I stand rigid, memories of the old days flushing back. “Bah, I sound like an old man now.”

Mary reaches her hand forward, probably to comfort me. “You know, he still cares about y-”

“Hey, I think someone else arrived.” I point out to the driveway, where a truck is bumping along in.

“I think that’s gotta be Charlie and-”

“YO, Jackson, Mary, ’s been a while!” I hear a booming voice call from the passenger’s seat. The door to the car is swung open and out comes a tall, well built man around my age. He has dark spiky hair and is wearing a loose navy jacket over a striped t-shirt, flipping his headphones around his neck and lifting his shades in a greeting.

“Jojo? What’re you doing in Dan’s truck?” Mary asks, obviously confused.

“We live in the same neighborhood, carpooled to save gas.” Dan says as he climbs out of the driver’s seat. “What’s the special occasion, Mary?” he tips his black fedora in a greeting.

“Oh, you know her, she just wanted an excuse to hang out with her buddies.” I grin, slouching as I lean my arm on Mary’s shoulder, as I’m a head or two taller than her.

“What can I say, it’s as good of an excuse as any,” Mary shrugs innocently as another figure climbs out of the car. He’s got untamed jet black hair, a lanky figure, and a bleached roman gold jacket over a dark plaid shirt. 

“Charlie! Get over here, you’re the only sane one of these four!” Mary calls and Charlie looks up shyly, slowly walking up the steps. “C’mon, don’t be shy, we’ve known each other since kindergarten!” 

Mary wraps him up in a big hug. Jojo swoops in behind them and yells; “Group hug!” Dan joins in, rubbing his knuckle into his brother, Charlie,’s head and I laugh happily. Charlie winces but lets out a small laugh… at the same moment that I feel a shadow fall over me.


Hullo, thank you so much for reading! As I stated in the past update, this is a fanfiction of the video game Flicker by JJ Studios. These characters are theirs. I only created the storyline (most of it?). If you’re wondering about the title, don’t worry, it didn’t get cut off, all the titles are going to form something in the end. I hope you’ll stick around! Author’s question (I’ll do these at the end of each upload): What do you think happened between Mary, Lukey, and Jackson? And what do you think about Jojo?

-Blaise L. Copperman

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