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By @BL-Copperman

Discontinuation, Deletion & Summary

Discontinuation, Deletion, and Summary

author’s perspective

Hello reader(s), I come bearing bad news.

I’m going to be discontinuing Expect The Unexpected, and deleting it from this platform. This post is going to include:

  1. Why I’m no longer continuing this project
  2. How it would have ended
  3. Upcoming project(s)

Why I’m no longer continuing this project:

This story was based on a round of Flicker that I had played a year ago, in March. So now my memory is a little fuzzy on the events. I am also growing increasingly uncomfortable with writing these personalities and ‘ships’ into these characters, because it was an actual round, meaning there are actual people. I’ve also overall just lost motivation for this story because there are so, so many plot holes.

How it would have ended:

Here’s a little rundown of the plot.

  1. Special roles:
  • Annie: Psychic 
  • Mary: Medic
  • Lukey: Investigator
  • Aaaaand Jackson: Murderer
  • (Everyone else was innocent/survivor)
  1. So, Lukey would have gotten Charlie being the murderer wrong, obviously. This would cause the others to lose a little faith in him, but also keep faith that Charlie would reach safety in time for the rest of them.
  2. As days went past (and more murders occured) it became increasingly obvious that Charlie and Alex were not coming back, and that Lukey’s detective skills were not as sharp as they had all first thought. People continuously get wrongfully voted out, and the remaining people lose more of their faith in Lukey each time.
  3. Soon, almost no one trusts him.
  4. It gets down to five or so remaining players: Mary, Elaina, Annie, Jo (who, by the way, was afk in the actual game), Lukey, Jackson, and Lara.
  5. After Elaina dies, Annie finally claims that Jackson is the murderer. (She had been hinting it the entire time though) She accuses him, but Lukey backs him up—it can’t be him, right?— and Annie is voted out.
  6. Mary dies, and Lukey, Jackson, and Lara all vote out Jo. Jo claims that they think it’s Lara.
  7. It wasn’t Jo, and Lukey, Jackson, and Lara spiral into confusion. They’ve all trusted each other at this point, so who could it be??
  8. Jackson, finally, kills Lara, and we get to see the entire list of chapter names.
  9. The Past Is More Important Than We All Thought.
  10. We also get to see the entire picture of ‘the incident’. Remember that brown-haired guy in the flashback? If you go back to ‘The’, I believe I mentioned that Jackson dyed his hair yellow 🙂 That makes the brown-haired guy Jackson.
  11. Lukey tries to confront Jackson.
  12. The end? (I had the ending written but I scrapped sharing it last minute due to the utter amount of cringe it embodies-)

Now, onto the upcoming projects (if you’re still reading, give yourself a pat on the back)

I have one main project I’m working very hard to release within the year. Currently I’m in the scripting stage for said project, and I’ll update this when I have the first three chapters out! 

One of my secondary projects is very similar to this, minus many many plot holes. It is a sci-fi futuristic murder mystery, and it’s put in relatively the same structure as Flicker. I’ll also update this when I have the prologue out!

Conclusion and summary if you don’t want to read everything above:

Thank you for supporting this story through the nonexistent update schedule and iffy storytelling.

  • I’m deleting and discontinuing Expect the Unexpected. The murderer was Jackson. I have an upcoming project similar to this, and I’ll update this when it’s out.

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