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By @BL-Copperman

Past (6)

Lukey’s Perspective

Chaos follows my words.

“You’re lying! I’m sure those papers say something else!”

”What?? You obviously messed with the votes somehow!”

”Did you bribe someone?”

”I bet you-“

They were interrupted by, surprisingly, Charlie. “It’s alright. I-I can leave if that makes you all feel better..I can contact the police.”

”Wait!” Jackson calls out. “There’s a few flaws.. and I don’t mean this in a harsh way” he says as he turns his head to face me, “but if the assumed ‘murderer’ can walk out, who’s to say the rest of us can’t? Why can’t we all just get out of here and call for help, let the law settle this?”

”I’ll admit, I.. hadn’t thought of this,” I say, knowing this statement would create some form of backlash. “But I do believe that if we let everyone run loose that the murderer might never be caught. But if this proposition makes you uncomfortable, by all means, leave now. I wish no harm upon you all, and you should know this.”

Alex sticks his hands in his pockets and slowly makes his way to the door. “If you don’t mind.. I’d prefer not to die just to solve Liza’s death. I mean, she was a good person and all but..”

”Understood.” I turn to face the crowd. “Anyone else?”

”I.. I think I speak for everyone when I say we should stay. If Charlie isn’t the murderer, we need to find out who is.” Elaina announces, her voice a bit unsteady.

”Agreed. I’m staying, for Charlie’s sake.” Dan says, and Annie nods in agreement.

One by one, they all state that they’ll stay.

Alex and Charlie turn to head to the door. “I just wanted to say… good luck, you all. I’ll try and find a way to save you all.” Charlie smiles faintly, and lets the latch close behind him, shutting us all inside.

The house is eerily silent for a few heartbeats, and Jo speaks up, if only to sever the silence. “Well, I guess we’ll see if he was the murderer soon enough.”

A/N: So, so sorry for not updating! I realized there were a few plot holes (hence this entire scenario) and JJ Studios started releasing lores for the characters, and some of the characters are changing due to that. Elaina and Lukey were announced as Enby/Non-binary, so I’ll try to merge that into this story, for respect of their pronouns. Who do you think has a special role (medic, psychic, investigator, murderer)? Who’s your favorite character so far?

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