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Ē̡̳̻̎̉x̨̠̍̒p̼͛e̥̝̖͑̌̑c̩͑t ̳͇̏́tȟ͕̬͝e̝̓ ͈̇͞ͅU͈̣͌̅n̯͗e̅͢x͈̼͑̽͊͟p͕̄e̫͒̕͢c͓͍͌͂̽ͅt͕̯̐̓̇ͅe̛̦̱͑d͍͖̀́

By @BL-Copperman

!! Update !!

edit: This chapter no longer affects the story, the hiatus is over. The art style is an old style, I may redo it.

Ah yes, a long Author’s Note.

Hello, readers.

You may have noticed the new cover. I decided to draw Jackson! But anyways,

I maaaay be taking a small hiatus because of writers block, but I’m hoping to have a rough upload schedule!


around 6:30 central time updates, probably once or twice a week on Tuesdays and possibly Thursdays.

Thanks as always for reading!

Y’all are awesome!

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