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By @BL-Copperman

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Lukey’s Perspective

“I have thought hard about this,” I say as I cast a sideways glance at Charlie, who looks away quickly. “And know that this choice isn’t easy.”

There are shared glances of nervousness all around me.

“The person that I accuse is Charlie.”

There is much outrage and commotion.

“Charlie?! The heck did he do to you?!” Elaina stands up angrily.

“WHY WOULD YOU ACCUSE HIM OF ALL PEOPLE?” Dan adds, protectively wrapping his arm around his brother.

“Jesus, you’re a horrible detective.” Annie groans.

Everyone else seems to stay silent. Jackson looks around before adding, unhelpfully, “Nah, lookit that face.” We all turn around and stare at him, then Charlie, who, to be honest, looks quite frightened. “It couldn’t be him.”

I pinch the bridge of my nose and frown. This isn’t going well. Folding my hands together, I sit myself down uneasily on the couch. “Then would you care to listen to my reasoning, or are you all going to just call me a fraud and act like I don’t have normal, human feelings?”

This shuts everyone up and I explain my reasoning. Annie, Elaina, and Dan still cast looks of disgust at me, and I can’t say I don’t blame them. Jackson, Alex, Lara, and a few others, however, appear more thoughtful and seem to be taking what I say into consideration.

I break the silence once again. “Okay everyone, it’s time to cast your votes.” I pass out my notepad and a pen I’d found in the kitchen cupboard, and everyone takes turns writing down who they think the killer is. I unfold their answers and read.

“Lukey” a few of them read, and I’m not very surprised. I do probably seem like a bad investigator to a lot of them.

I’m a bit queasy when I read “Jackson” in loopy handwriting, but it was only on one page.

The rest say “Charlie” and “Alex”. I count the papers, fold them up again, and clear my throat.

“The results are in.”

“The household has accused Charlie as the murderer.”

a/n Sooo who do you think is *brandishes crystal ball* the psychic? Do you think Lukey is lying about being the investigator? Who do you accuse? See y’all next update!

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