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By @SarahJoyE

Chapter 1

           Sophomore year is going to be a good one. New school, new town, new me. Well at least it’s sort of new… My parents and I just moved back to the town I grew up in. I was born here, but my parents and I moved when I was just 6 years old. I only ever went to kindergarten while I lived here, and now I get to start my third year of high school. I know most people worry about new schools during the middle of their high school career, but I am beyond excited. School starts in three days. I smiled as I tied my blonde hair up into a messy bun. I walk out of my room, grabbing my tennis shoes that sat on top a cardboard box by the door. As long as I keep this up I’ll be able to join the basketball team no problem. I played basketball up until 9th grade and then took a year off, but over the summer I have taken up jogging to get back into shape. “Mom I’m going for a run!” I shouted as I finished lacing up my shoes.

           “Mavis, will you stop by the gas station on your way back?”

I sighed, “Yea I can, what do you need?”

My mom exited the kitchen and handed me a twenty-dollar bill. “I just need some milk.”

 “Gotcha, I’ll be back in an hour at the latest.” My mom nodded and thanked me, gave me a quick hug and then scurried back to the kitchen.

We have only been back in town for a few weeks so my mom has insisted to invite our neighbors over for tea and cookies.

“Oh honey!” My mom poked her head out of the doorway. “The neighbors to the right of us have a few kids, I think Ms. Ashby even mentioned that they had a kid your age! So don’t be late!”

Ms. Ashby is an older single lady across the street from us, and I am convinced she is just a crazy cat lady. Our neighbors just to the right of our house always have bikes in the front yard, so I have no doubt there are kids, I just can’t figure out just how many. I set my ipod playlist and walked out the door. I took a deep breath of warm September air, and headed off down the street.

           I stopped and took a breath, and walked into the gas station.

“Milk..” I mumbled as I wandered over to the wall of beverages. I stared at the wall of drinks and wiped the sweat beading on my forehead. I grabbed a bottle of water and then moved down the wall to where the milk was. I dropped my items on the counter as the cashier rolled her eyes as if her job was so difficult. She mumbled out a few numbers and I handed her the bill my mom had given me. She quickly dropped change into my open hands and went back to playing on her phone that was sitting on the counter. I quickly drank half the bottle of water and then shoved it into my hoodie pocket.

I glanced at my watch; It’s 6:00… I better get home. I had an hour before people would begin to show up at our house for a “neighborly get together.” As I neared the house, the sun was setting and the street was starting to get dark. I saw a boy with his hood pulled up, I’m not sure how old, sitting on his porch, smoking a cigarette.          

           He can’t be much older than me… My parents would kill me if they caught me smoking. I shook my head and decided to ignore it. I looked around and realized I was home, and that kid is my neighbor. My eyes went wide and the kid just looked at me, scoffed and crushed the cigarette into the ground, before walking to the back of his house. I shook my head as if to clear my thoughts and walked up to my door and went inside, I don’t have time to worry about delinquents.

“Mom, here’s the milk.” I drank the rest of my water and set the milk on the counter next to my mom.

“Thank you Mavis, where is my change?” She looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh right.” I dug through my hoodie pocket and dumped a mess of bills and coins onto the counter. “I’m gonna go shower.”

“Good idea, you stink.” My mom teased, pretending to hold her nose.

“Yea yea I’m sure.” I rolled my eyes and headed upstairs to my room. Being an only child has always come with benefits. There are two bedrooms upstairs, and a bathroom, my parents were on the main floor with their own bathroom as well. Isn’t that every teenage girls dream, to have a bathroom all their own? I grabbed clean clothes and dropped them on the bathroom floor. I stripped the sweaty running gear off my body and turned the shower on. I looked at my hair in the mirror, it doesn’t look greasy, I’ll just leave it, I don’t feel like blow-drying it anyway. I shoved a shower cap over my messy bun and got into the shower.

           I stepped onto the bathroom rug and let the water drip onto the floor as I reached for my towel. I wrapped the towel around my body and untied my hair, so it draped over my shoulders. I brushed through my blonde hair, in attempts to smooth it out a bit, but it remained fairly wavy and I shrugged.

“Good enough.” I began to get dressed, but stopped to stare at myself in the mirror. I convinced my mom to give me some money for a few new bras after a growth spurt my chest had over the summer. I also had convinced her to let me shop alone. I got a few sexy bras since I didn’t have to get my mom to agree to what I got. I smiled, I am now able to wear C cup bras, which is basically the perfect size, I think. I also got a push up bra, which elevates my size, half a cup larger.

 My mom doesn’t think that high school aged kids should be worrying about how they look. But we all do, girls in particular are always concerned with how they look. Being tall, skinny and having a larger chest was the most popular look at my last high school. The most popular girls in my grade were very small chested though, I think I finally surpassed them. I beamed with pride at my new curves. I pulled a floral top over my head and realized this was the first time I wore the push up bra. I looked like all the juniors and seniors at my last school. I got lucky, both my parents are good looking, and my dad is really tall. I got the height from him. Now I’m not supermodel thin, I have a tiny bit of fat around my midsection, but it’s such a small amount no one really notices. Plus I have really been watching what I eat; I’ve lost around ten pounds over the summer. I am finally pretty enough and thin enough to get a second look when I start school. I grinned and began putting my makeup on. I probably don’t need any makeup, its just gonna be boring adults tonight anyway…

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