Five Trials

By @WhatANerd
Five Trials

She went by the name, Calena though it did translate to, Moon, so others would call her, Artemis’s daughter.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A long, long time ago there lived a young… boy- wait, no it was a girl. She went by the name, Calena though it did translate to, Moon, so others would call her, Artemis’s daughter. Yet, we aren’t talking about that…. Right? Anyways, Anyways, let’s get onto the story, shall we?

Calena was a young girl who lived with her parents in the city-state that loved Artemis. Calena wasn’t… Poor, but she wasn’t rich either, just, there. Her parents were ‘Okay’ hunters, sometimes bring home dead animals that they killed.

   Though, Calena didn’t want to be a hunter when she gets older, she wants to do something with, water, swim. Swimming was her passion, she didn’t do it so often but she loved it with her soul.

   Now, enough with the backstory, it’s kind of sappy, isn’t it? Sorry. Now let’s get onto the story, the real, story.

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   Calena rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands, she sighed softly kneeling on her bed, staring at the ocean that rested quietly near her. Calena mentally sighed, sliding down the wall she pushes herself up and lands on the floor.

   Calena stood up, slightly wobbly. She then took some dry rags and tied them so they won’t fall. “Hopefully they won’t wake up…” Calena murmured quietly as she peaked out of the doorway. She opened the door with little force, yet, it came out with a slam. She winced slightly, groaning under her breath. “A-Ahha…” She murmured under her breath. “Come on Cal, I need to feel the water!” She said as she moved out of the house.

   The outside was beautiful, though, somewhat dangerous, rocks and sharps edges were everywhere. Her blue eyes scanned over the land, locking in the water. She brought her hands to her chest humming a small tune as she walked. Of course others were looking at her, but she didn’t mind.

   All of the sudden she heard a loud ‘GET OUT OF THE WAY!!’ Which took her by surprise, also ending up on the ground. Normally there would be some yelling, or something. But, there was silence.

   There was a young boy on top of her, staring into her eyes. “A-Ah!” Calena yelled and pushed the boy off of her, out of instinct the young boy jumped out and held his arms over his head. “I told you to get out of the way!” He yelled. Calena covered her mouth quickly, to stop the yell that was urging it’s way out.

   She stood up and brushed herself off, “W-who are you anyways…?” Calena says putting her hands on her hips. The young boy stared at her, “Achilles” Apparently the young boy, Achilles muttered under his breath. Calena turned then turned back to him once more, “Why… Why are you here?” Calena asked squinting slightly. Achilles frowned slightly “Why do you need to know?” He spat, Calena took a step back, “I-I heard that Poseidon was around…” Calena murmured fiddling with her hands. Achilles rolled his eyes slightly, taking a deep breath he sighs. “Look, I was go down to the ocean, so I’ll… Be somewhat ok with you came with me?” Achilles says, setting his hands behind his head.

The walk to the ocean was somewhat silent. Once they actually got to the sea, Achilles pointed to a small distant island, “He should be there” He muttered playing with a small boat that was tied to a pole. He grumbled slightly untying it and taking the rope. He stepped on the boat, turning to Calena he sighs once more, “Come on, we got to do this.”. Calena took a look back behind her, stepping into the boat she grabs a paddle, “Do you know how long it’ll be until we get back, I still, I still have training.” Calena murmured gripping the paddle tighter. Achilles looked at her and did the same, climbing into the boat. “O-Oh, well, we should be back in about two hours or so.”

The words Two Hours took her by surprise. Calena hummed a small song that her mother used to sing to her.

Achilles glinted at her his hand was barely touching her, the world seemed to slow down. “W-Wha?” Calena looked around, tipping backwards. Achilles slammed his hand down on her arm, gripping it and pulling it towards him. “Don’t fall, who knows what’s down in these waters, especially here”

   Calena looks at him, little tears were in her eyes. Achilles sighed “Don’t cry, it’s not going to get you anywhere.” He muttered gripping his paddle tighter. Calena looks at the little island ‘About fifty more minutes’ She thought as she looked over to Achilles “Please join me”

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