Fire Love

By @Books_and_Secrets
Fire Love

Ella and Shaun two teens with incredible powers.

Chapter 8


It’s been hours, I almost want to break the silence but I don’t know what to ask her. She had a totally different life than mine but still almost the same.

The time passes it’s been too long I acked. We are almost to Hollywood, California. But we stopped at a small town two hours from Hollywood. It was a little gas station. The roof on the small building was sagging and the windows were so filthy you couldn’t see inside the building.

“ Ella? Do you want to stretch your legs?” I asked Ella who was curled up in the passenger seat. She moved her head slowly up and down.

We got out, I got gas while she went into the building. After filling the tank, I found Ella inside looking at a newspaper. I saw the picture on the front, it was of the ongoing war with a terrorist group. I looked over her shoulder she was looking at an article about the fires in Phoenix, AZ.

Missing girl after a terrible fire at the school and the house on 5th street. 

On April 29, 2015 a girl went missing. The parent’s of the missing girl named Ella Samstone. She was at the school where a fire caught in the gym. No one was hurt but the chief fire investigator still has no idea how the fire was started. Ella is still missing if anyone has seen her give her parents a call. Phone number: 783-8787.

Ella started to cry and fell into me. She tried to say something but it was drowned out. I patted her head and whispered to her. She started to stop.

“ Shaun do you think my parents would still be looking if they knew it was me who started the fire?” she said quietly. I looked at her face tear streaked and sad.

“ Yes. They would still look you’re their child. They would search everywhere to find you.” I said. I hugged her gently and she stopped crying, and laughed.

“ I was just thinking about the time my parents took me out for ice cream and I got chocolate ice cream all over my face. They laughed so hard that they fell into their ice cream and got ice cream all over their faces too.” She said still laughing. I laughed too thinking about that.

We just stood there laughing for a moment being happy. I broke the hug and took her hands. I lead her back to the van. She looked out the window while I drove away.

“ So, what was your family like?” I said trying to get a conversation going.

“ They were a normal family. My mom made wonderful dinners when she did cook. My dad was really funny, he made so many jokes some good and some really bad. Once when I was little he threw me a party even if I didn’t have many friends. He was so funny, he dressed up as a pony and I rode him around the yard.” She laughed while she was talking about her family.

She stopped talking and turned to me.

“ How long till we get there?” she asked.

“ It’ll be a few hours till we get there.” I answered.

We sat in a comfortable silence till we got to Hollywood. We drove down through Hollywood till we got to a motel called Hollywood La Brea. The motel looked run down and the paint was flaking off the walls. We walked in, we were greeted by an unhappy little woman with black hair and brown eyes.

“ Welcome to the motel are you staying or visiting?” she said in a monotone voice.

“ We are staying for a little while.” I said.

The sour little woman went to the front desk. We followed her to the desk. She took out the key to one of the rooms.

“ You can stay in room 1.” she said.

“ Actually we would like two rooms please.” Ella said.

“ Oh, sorry then you can have rooms 1 and 3.” she said.

She held up two keys. I took both of them and handed Ella her key. I went to room 1 and she went to room 3 right next to room 1. Room 1 was nice but not great. It was cleanish and tan. There is a good size bed and a dresser. I went out to the van to get our bags. I found them in the back two bags each. I brought her bags to her room, she opened the door.

“ Oh, thank you Shaun. I forgot about my bags.” said Ella.

“ Your welcome.” I said. I left to my room. I dropped my bags and locked the door. I fell onto the bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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