Fire Love

By @Books_and_Secrets
Fire Love

Ella and Shaun two teens with incredible powers.

Chapter 5


I was in my room. I was thinking about my family. My mom and dad. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters. I wished I did but it didn’t come true. In high school I always wished I was normal and could have friends or a boyfriend but that didn’t come true either. And now I’m at this place with no one to comfort me.


After a few weeks or at least that’s what it felt like. I got better at making fire without fainting. I also got really close to that boy Shaun. I had weird feelings when I was with him or thought about him. I wonder if this is what love feels like.

In the training room I lit ten candles and I was only a little light headed. But I wanted to talk to him about things other than training so I made myself feel dizzy. I wobbled a little and fell onto the floor but he caught me in his strong arms. I felt so safe in his arms like I could sleep in them. He took me to the infirmary. He laid me down and sat next to me.

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