Fire Love

By @Books_and_Secrets
Fire Love

Ella and Shaun two teens with incredible powers.

Chapter 4


I woke up in the infirmary but I looked at the bed next to mine and Ella was gone. I looked around the room but she wasn’t there. I got up and walked to the training room but she wasn’t there. Finally, I found her sleeping in her room on her bed. I was relieved that she was fine.

I went back to the training room. I saw there was scorch marks on the floor and more on the target. Ella must have been in here recently but how did she do that without tiring herself out on the first flame.

I went back to Ella’s room to see if she was awake. I walked down the hall and found her asleep in her bed. I went over to her and shaked her shoulder. She moaned and stirred. Then her eyelashes fluttered and opened. Her golden eyes stared at me like doll’s eyes. She sat up a little and then fell back onto the bed. I said, “ Are you okay, Ella?” She sat up and said, “ Yes, but what happened. I fell asleep. I have no idea what I did before that.” I said, “ You may want to get up and see the training room and maybe you will remember. Come with me.” I stood up and held out my hand for her to take. She sat up and stood up but looked a little dizzy. She took my hand, her hand felt like silk. We walked down the hall to the training room. We looked in and saw the scorch marks everywhere. I saw her look at me. She opened her mouth then closed it again. After a few minutes she said, “ Who did this to the training room?” I said, “ I was hoping you would know. I didn’t do it and you’re the only other person in the building with the gift.” She looked scared and said, “ I don’t remember anything before I fell asleep. Even if I did it how could I do it I was fainting after one fireball. How could I do this?” I sighed and said, “ I don’t know Ella. I don’t know. How about you go to the cafeteria and get something to eat.” She turned and walked down the hall till I couldn’t see her anymore.

I left down the hall and bumped into Mick in the hallway. I said, “ Sorry, sir. I was just going to talk to you.” Mick smiled and said, “ About what Shaun.” I paused and told him about the accident. After I was done talking his smile faded and he said, “ Well then I guess you’ll have to watch her more closely and do not let her out of your sight.” I said, “ Yes sir, I will keep an eye on her.”

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